April 15, 2012

Bunny Hunting

The celebration of Noblegarden was at hand and Nuenein was excited! He invited Lost Order to Goldshire to find eggs that had been hidden by the mysterious Noblegarden rabbit, as his mother explained.

Valur, Hanea and Effex realised it was no use trying to explain to Nuunuu that the rabbit was most likely not real… While talking about Noblegarden, the young elf got it into his head to try and find the Noblegarden bunny. His mother had told him the bunny was from the past. Based on something Effy mentioned, Nuenein was going to start his search in the Caverns of Time. Naturally, the others had to go with him to keep him out of trouble.

With the help of Hanea’s portal, the friends got to Dalaran quickly and after going through a couple of more portals, they were in the past. The friends had to wear human disguises, so as not to confuse the people from the past too much. After quite a lot of searching, Lost Order decided to check the fortress that the hostile humans were occupying. Maybe the Noblegarden rabbit was kept there against its will! But instead of the rabbit, they found a familiar orc…

It was Thrall! Losties had to help him out of the dungeon. Thrall was on a mission to rescue his friend and the village nearby. Since the friends were not afraid of a good adventure, they joined in to help. And an adventure they got! Drakes and other dragonkin. In the end, Lost Order prevailed and Thrall’s friend and her village were saved. The bunny hunting had to continue at another time.

April 1, 2012

Lost Order Motorcycle Club

Goasse invited his motorcycling friends to Bogpaddle in Swamp of Sorrows. He swore he was not going through a mid-life crisis, but his friends doubted it when they saw his new look and his new bike. Valur, Shakku, Effex and Hanea sitting in Effy’s sidecar were eager to go on the road! Gogo led the party on a route he planned. They would ride from Swamp of Sorrows all the way to Ironforge.

Effy’s driving was a little more off-the-road than the others’, but he seemed to get Hanea safely from one place to another. Shakku was not happy with his reckless driving while giving his goddaughter a ride… The first pitstop was in Burning Steppes. Goasse and Valur had prepared a lovely meal for their friends! They had bread, cheese and boar, and a chocolate cake for dessert.

During the break, Goasse told the others his news. He had been called to arms by the Ironforge army. He didn’t know where he was going or for how long, possibly even a year. The others were shocked and hoped it wouldn’t be so long. Goasse promised to let the others know as soon as he did. Hanea also promised the guild would keep company for his wife, so she didn’t get too lonely during Goasse’s absence.

Their second break was close to the finishing line, in Dun Morogh. Goasse felt like fishing in the lovely wintery scenery. As per usual, Effex fished in a more unconventional way, by using a mini-zeppelin. It was nice to have another snack and stretch legs after a long ride. Soon they were in Ironforge.

Thanks for the ride all!