March 4, 2012

Becoming a Dragon

Guild master Shakku invited his friends to Nagrand, Outland. Goasse, Ymkje, Effex and Hanea didn’t really know what it was about, but they went to meet him anyway. It seemed Shakku was on a quest. His past experiences of turning into a dragon through drinking a potion had not been forgotten. Shakku now realised he couldn’t drink the potion again, but he was in search of other ways… He had been talking to a wise old woman, who instructed him to talk to his friends and ask what animal they thought he should be.

After his friends shared their thoughts in the matter (and had a little fun picturing what animals the others would be as well), they all went to see the woman. Shakku told the others to stay back while they talked. Oddly enough, their talking looked a lot like fighting… After a little while, Shakku got his instructions and the friends flew on top of one of the floating islands in Nagrand.

Effex got the honor of blindfolding Shakku, who tried to feel what animal he was or could be. He was wandering around the island while his friends saw him getting closer and closer to the edge… Eventually, he fell. But much to everyone’s surprise, he came back up as a dragon! The transformation was hard to control at first. The paladin wasn’t sure how exactly he had managed to do it. He walked off the edge again and tried it a few times.

In the end, Shakku seemed to pretty much master the skill. What a cool skill to have! Hanea was the first to ask for a ride. She won’t be the last…