January 21, 2012

Girls’ Night Out!

Ayamei Ravenrose was feeling like partying with her new friends from Lost Order. So, she got a group of girls together and they had a night out on the town in Stormwind City! The evening started from the Slaughtered Lamb, where Aya got the first round and they toasted to a fun evening and shared some stories about men in their lives.

Nandy, Ysildiel, Ayamei and Rhanwen had very different tastes in men. Rhanwen was a little secretive about her relationship with a certain draenei, whereas Ysildiel had recently had an interesting encounter with a tauren. The friends were a little shocked about Ysildiel’s revelation. The next stop was the Blue Recluse, where the girls toasted to the all male staff. However, the tavern was otherwise very empty, so they soon made their way to the dwarven district and in the Golden Keg.

The Golden Keg was a bit livelier. The girls noticed a muscular elf sitting alone in the corner. Ayamei tried to get Rhanwen to go and talk to him, but in the end, Nandy was the one, who walked up to him and tried to get him to join the party. Actually, Nandy was looking for some fun with an elf… But this elf was familiar – it was Effex. He joined the girls, although he said he was on a mission. In search of an even bigger crowd, the girls moved to the last tavern in Stormwind City, the Pig and Whistle.

Ayamei felt like dancing and the others were eager to join her. Even a few of the other customers in the bar joined them and the rest certainly noticed their existence. Some approved, some didn’t. The night was getting wilder and Effex thought it was too much for Ayamei. Soon after drinking the ale Effy served her, the young worgen felt woozy. Effy told her he had poisoned her in order to get her home. This was due to a request from Ayamei’s older brother to look after his sister. It seemed Aya had been the mission… She was angry, but agreed to go home as she was not feeling well.

But what a brilliant night it had been!

January 15, 2012

The Grand Re-Opening

After Hantitia’s mother recently retired from the tailoring business, Titi was not sure what to do about her passion for dressing up the good people of Stormwind City. The answer was closer than she thought – the competition. Canal Tailor and Fit Shop had never reached the high standard of service and quality that the Finest Thread had offered to its customers. Therefore, the Schneiders were happy to form a partnership with Hantitia. A grand re-opening was held and naturally, Lost Order was invited.

Effex, Valur, Foekje and Nandy came to see Titi in action. The tailor introduced her friends to Rema and Lisbet Schneider. The mother and daughter were nice enough people. Rema was an excellent embroiderer, just like Titi’s mother had been, but Lisbet was mostly in charge of purchasing (and she didn’t do that great a job at it…). It seemed like Effy’s services were still needed in the new shop.

The evening was very busy! Customers were drawn to the shop by the free chocolate cookies that were given with every purchase. Goasse’s niece, Foekje, was in the big city for the first time. She needed some new clothes and Valur was happy to bring her to the shop and help her out. Foekje found some nice items very quickly and Titi gave her the guild discount.

Her friends found Titi’s shop to be just as great as before. The service and the quality of the items were superb. Losties were happy to visit the shop in the future as well!

January 9, 2012

New Year’s Picnic

A new year had started and it was time for the Losties to gather together again – this time a picnic in Stormwind City. Hanthelia, Rhanwen, Valur, Effex and Shakku brought some food and drink into the small park area in the Mage District.

The purpose of this meeting was also to meet potential recruits, but there was no such luck. Instead, the friends got to enjoy each other’s company and share how they all spent their holiday. Also, good food was had and washed down with tasty ale. Some had more than others…

Lost Order also made some plans for the new year. Effex was asked to give another training session for the guild. This time, the friends were hoping to take on a real dragon. Actually, the intoxicated guild master decided to go to battle right away… He only got as far as the closest wooden box when he encountered an overwhelming obstacle. His cousin had to take him to the nearest inn to sleep it off.

Happy New Year everyone!