December 29, 2011

Dun Morogh at Winter’s Veil

Season’s greetings to everyone! Lost Order celebrated the season in Dun Morogh. Shakku, Effex, Goasse, Valur and Hanthelia were present.

The friends had dinner together and washed it down with some ale. Hanthy had baked gingerbread cookies for dessert. Losties shared their holiday plans with each other and nommed the yums. After dinner, it was time for presents. As per usual, Hantitia had made something for everyone. The new shirts would warm the friends even during coldest weather.

Then it was time for some entertainment. Shakku gave all his friends racing rockets and they had a competition. Unfortunately, the rockets were too fast for anyone to notice who was indeed the fastest… Just for fun, Valur had made some potions for the occasion. Potions of Illusion, to be exact.

The friends hesitated only for a moment and then drank up. It was funny! The potion made the drinker take the form of someone nearby. It seemed to be random, who Losties turned into, but they had fun nonetheless.

Happy Winter’s Veil to everyone!

December 19, 2011

Training in Darnassus

Combat Officer Effex invited Lost Order to Darnassus, Teldrassil to do some training. Shakku, Valur, Goasse and Hanea joined him in hopes of learning a few tips. Especially Hanea’s melee fighting skills were quite limited.

They started off by running around the training area to warm up. Then Effex ordered his trainees to take a combat stance in front of the training dummies and eventually attack them. Effy gave the others some tips and complimented them on a job well done.

The last part of the training session was about taking on a challange: fighting a huge dragon. Effy needed a volunteer for this and he chose Shakku. Unwillingly, the guild master drank the potion Effex gave him and to everyone’s surprise, it turned him into a dragon! Shakku wasn’t happy… The friends walked around Shakku while Effy was pointing out weak spots of the dragon and threats to watch out for. Losties were intrigued.

There was one thing that was on Hanea’s mind: she wanted to try and ride Shakku the dragon! After a little persuation, Shakku took a little flight around the area with Hanea on his back. It was fun! Eventually, Shakku felt the joy of being a dragon and then the potion wore off. He wanted some more! Effy wasn’t keen on helping him out, since it seemed obvious to everyone the potion was addictive. However, Effex and Valur promised to look into the matter to see if they could make some improvements to the recipe.

December 10, 2011

Darkmoon Faire

Lost Order was happy to hear about the reopening of Darkmoon Faire and thought they should all visit the grounds together. Effex, Ymkje, Goasse, Sanrai, Shakku, Hanthelia and Isilmae met at the gate.

The first attraction they spotted was a huge cannon. A humanoid cannon, actually! Sanrai had tried it before and recommended it to the others. After a little hesitation and acquiring some tickets, they all shot themselves from the cannon and landed safely into the water.

The petting zoo was situated right next to the pier, so it was quite logical to visit it next. Losties watched the animals in awe. Exquisite creatures from all around Azeroth and beyond! There were also some ponies for rent, so they all decided to rent one and have a race back to the gate. Goasse was the winner.

Next up, mole bashing. What a fun game! The friends managed to build up an appetite after the sport. Also, Shakku had been in desperate need of a drink for a while now. Losties found the drink and food vendors and made their way to some picnic tables. Hanthelia offered the others some brownies she had bought and Effex some blood red ale he had acquired in less legal ways.

A worgen appeared to do some business with Isilmae. The others suspected this might be a suitor, but Isilmae assured them it was strictly business. Welgar was only delivering her some items she needed to acquire a new pet. The worgen sat with Lost Order for a while, but left before the concert…

The Tauren Chieftains were performing at the faire! Hanthy was very excited. She had seen them before in Shattrath City. The others were just as excited when the band started playing. It was a wonderful show with lost of pyrotechnics. Losties had a brilliant night!