November 28, 2011

Feasting at the Pilgrim’s Bounty

The feast of Pilgrim’s Bounty gathered the members of Lost Order to Darnassus. Shakku, Isilmae, Rhanwen, Goasse, Effex, Hanthelia and later also Zambuz took the opportunity to celebrate together.

The tables were filled with yummy food. Even Isilmae’s drake was wanting a piece of the delicious pie! Lively chatter was had, as the friends were catching up. Effex’s new arm had healed well and the ladies were admiring each others’ dresses. Guild master Shakku reminded the others of the last Pilgrim’s Bounty celebration. It had been the first occasion when the Losties had gotten together after the rise of Deathwing. A lot had happened in a year… Shakku asked his friends to share with each other the best moments of their past year.

It was no hard task. The friends had many nice memories of the past year: getting reunited with a long lost sibling, attending a sister’s wedding, becoming part of Lost Order and the list went on. Evening progressed nicely until a familiar figure was seen walking past the table. Hanthelia recognised the young elf immediately. It was Nuenein!

No one had seen him in a year. Nuunuu’s mother had only told Hanthelia that he was away. The friends were happy to see Nuenein well and make his acquintance, since not everyone had met him. It was the same old Nuunuu… It was difficult to find out where he had been and what he had done. The short version would be: hiding. He had been lucky enough to get himself a companion on his travels. Damnagoras was a demonic-looking turtle and seemed to follow Nuunuu where he went. Since Nuenein had just arrived back to Teldrassil, Hanthy suggested he’d go see his mother. She would probably be relieved of Nuunuu’s return. Without further delay, the young elf started walking towards his home. Hanthy and Shakku decided to follow him to make sure he didn’t get distracted…

November 16, 2011

Skydiving in Feralas

The newlyweds Hantitia and Daidalos Jenkins invited their friends to Dreamer’s Rest, Feralas. They wanted to have some fun with the other Losties! Nandy, Sanrai, Isilmae and Rhanwen joined Titi and Daidai in mounting one of the Twin Colossals.

It was very high up. There, the couple revealed their plans for the evening: skydiving! The friends got their parachutes and examined the fall. It was safest to jump from the side of the lake and so they did. Daidai was obviously the first to hop off the cliff. Everyone landed safely in the water and it was decided that the next jump would be from another side.

This time the landing wasn’t quite as soft, but luckily there were a couple of healers in the group. After the excitement of skydiving, the Losties sat down by a warm fire and ate some chocolate-chip cookies. This was a perfect opportunity to get to know Sanrai, who had been invited to the event by Zambuz. However, Zambuz had not shown up… The draenei priest, who healed the spirits of her fellow-draenei through talking to them as a profession, was hoping to join the guild.

After some introductions and questions, the friends were eager to welcome Sanrai into the guild. However, she wanted to talk to the guild master still to confirm the recruitment. Everyone thought this would just be a technicality and expected Sanrai to join their ranks in no time.

November 8, 2011

Lend a Hand

Effex had requested help from the guild to acquire him some supplies. Daidalos gathered the troops in Fuselight, Badlands. Nandy, Ayamei and Rhanwen were eager to help out. They moved to Fuselight-by-the-sea to mine some ore. Daidai had already gotten elementium and now needed some help with an unfamiliar purple iron-like ore he had found. With the help of the guild, mining went smoothly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, Viridiana led the herbalist party to collect some blood roses. Again, people were happy to help, especially Hanea, who felt responsible for what had happened to Effex and wanted to make up for it somehow… Donaldus, Isilmae and Ymkje were also part of the search group. Vi and Is knew from before that blood rose grew on areas where blood had been spilled. Donny was a good help in sniffing just the right spot.

Later that day, Isilmae, Shakku, Hanthelia and Valur went to the Argent Dawn Quarters in Stormwind City to see how Effex was doing. He seemed to be alright. Hanthy changed the bandage on what was left of his arm. Effex was feeling cheery despite his injury and wanted to show his friends what he had been up to.

Effy showed some drawings of his latest invention. It wasn’t obvious to the Losties first, but after a while of examining the plans, they realised it was a robotic arm! Effex was collecting supplies to build himself a new arm. The clever rogue astonished the guild again.