October 31, 2011

Temple City of En’Kilah

Lost Order regrouped and decided to meet at the gate to the Temple City of En’Kilah. Hanea, Shakku, Valur, Goasse and Isilmae investigated the area carefully and it didn’t actually take a long time to see the first glimpse of Effex!

The friends followed Effy, who seemed quite strange. He was running around fast, mumbling about destroying orbs… Finally, they caught Effex and he seemed to calm down. He explained what he was doing, but wasn’t sure why. There had been a curse when the orb exploded and although Effy had lifted it himself, the Losties suspected that a residue of the curse might have been left in him.

Hanea knew something about curses and was asked to check Effex. She reached to him, but suddenly slipped and fell down! Effex didn’t hesitate and jumped after her and landed her safely on the ground with his gravity well. But the well didn’t help Effex and he was smashed on the ground. The others flew down quickly and Shakku started healing Effy.

Effex seemed to come alive and was in okay shape, apart from his left arm… It was completely mangled. Isilmae and Valur tried to heal it as well, but nothing could be done. Effex got an idea and excused himself and Shakku. Isilmae followed them behind a pile of snow. They returned soon after. Val, Gogo and Hanea noticed immadiately that Effy was missing an arm! It didn’t take long for Effy to have another idea, tell the others he would let them know soon and then disappear… Typical.

October 24, 2011

A Ghost in a Forest

Penance invited Lost Order to hear his discoveries relating to Effex’ recent disappearance. Viridiana and Penance had checked one of Effex’ safe houses and found a clean spot among alchemy mess. This had led them to some conclusions that Penny now shared with Goasse, Valur, Shakku, Hanea, Isilmae and Shyndrah.

It seemed a mysterious orb had shattered, spilling its contents on the floor before evaporating and leaving the clear patch on the floor the only proof of it having even existed. Vi had some experience with the items, but refused to share it. So, it was Penance, who guided the others in finding some expert help. Penny instructed the friends into the direction of the Southern forest right outside the walls of Darnassus.

And Lost Order did come across someone or something… It seemed like a spirit in the form of a night elf woman. After some difficult conversations, the character revealed some facts, but only after Losties sharing some of their secrets. Eerulia was someone previously very dear to Effex… She finally instructed the friends to investigate the Temple City of En’kilah. Effex would be in search of a Scourge item. Losties decided to regroup before heading to Borean Tundra.

October 8, 2011

Ambassadorial Affairs in Surwich

Alliance ambassador Hanthelia had recently spent some time in Surwich, Blasted Lands. She had learned about the situation in the little seaside town and wanted to help out. Rhanwen, Goasse, Daidalos, Donaldus and Isilmae joined her.

Hanthy gave her friends a tour of the town and explained the situation. A druid called Marl Wormthorn had had a plan to make Blasted Lands green again after the destruction by the Burning Legion. It had started well enough, but then demons took over the lushious forest and Marl himself disappeared. The mayor of Surwich was hoping Lost Order could get rid of some of the demons.

Lost Order was eager to help. They fought well and demolished many demons. During the battle, they noticed a large tree on top of a hill. It seemed magical and the friends decided to investigate. Inside was a worgen-looking creature inside a magical shield or cloud of some sort. Hanthelia tried to talk to him, but he didn’t respond. Losties thought it was best to tell the villagers of the worgen. It’s possible this was Marl Wormthorn…

As a sign of their gratitude, the villagers had prepared a meal for Lost Order. The town lived off fishing, so the dinner was a fish feast. The friends had some time to relax after the fierce fighting. It wasn’t long until the friends thought to ask about Donaldus’ big date… It had gone well and the others were eager to share their advice on romantic affairs. Donny got hopelessly confused. It was also noted that no one had heard of Effex in a while. Hanthy promised to contact Penance and make some inquiries.

October 3, 2011

Fest Full of Brew

After feasting in Ironforge, it didn’t take long for Lost Order to gather there again to celebrate Brewfest. The guild master had his own festive plans, so the others had to celebrate without him.

Hanthelia, Penance, Isilmae, Valur and Nandy gathered to the festival grounds and noticed a familiar-looking gnome passed out on a table… It was indeed Zambuz! He woke up, but appeared to have lost his shoes. His new friends helped him locate them and decided to move out of the grounds to a more quiet place. This decision might have been to the benefit of the revellers…

Nandy led the friends to a hill near the festival grounds, where they had a nice view of the happenings. As per usual, the Losties shared stories of their recent battles and adventures. Nandy told the others about her and Donaldus’ practise date. He seemed like a sweet, but shy young man. The friends hoped that his date with Ayamei would go nicely, as Donny had managed to tear Nandy’s sleeve on the practise date. Somehow, the talk turned to lost love and Penance decided to lighten up the mood by telling a funny story about a cursed knight. The friends laughed!

The evening ended with Zambuz examining Hanthelia’s new pet. She had found him in the Storm Peaks (or actually he had found her pet fox). Zambuz was curious about Squall’s skills and how it all worked. Hanthy offered to bring Squall to a proper examination another time.