September 10, 2011

Feasting at the Harvest Festival

Just like every year, Lost Order took part in the Harvest Festival. The hungry Losties gathered by the table in front of Ironforge. Shakku, Rhanwen, Hanthelia and Effex sat at the table and exchanged stories of their recent activities while feasting.

While talking, they noticed a gnome moving towards the table. He introduced himself as Zambuz and asked to join. There was plenty of food to go around, so Losties had no objection. The chatter was lively and the friends got to know Zambuz, who was a mage trainer, formerly teaching in the university of Gnomeregan. Recently, he had been searching for a new place to belong.

Hanthelia explained the ways of Lost Order to Zambuz and he seemed inspired. Helping others sounded like a good mission in life. And so, Zambuz joined Lost Order. Even Effex seemed happy to have another fellow-engineer in the guild. Welcome, Zambuz!

September 4, 2011

Earning Gold by Helping Harrison Jones

Lost Order met their guild treasurer in the Finest Thread, Stormwind City to discuss the state of the guild bank. Rhelen had received a request from Harrison Jones. Completing the assignment in Uldum would earn Lost Order a nice amount of gold. The assignment was a little cryptic, though. Losties were to investigate something high up and glimmering in hopes of finding a treasure of sorts…

Effex, Valur, Goasse and Hanthelia made their way to Uldum to meet up with their guild master. Effex figured the highest place in Uldum would probably be on top of the Obelisk of the Sun and he was right. The friends also found Shakku on one of the statues there. They noticed a shiny fire in front of the statue. Not known for his cautious behaviour, Effex jumped down and realised the fire wasn’t hot.

Losties decided to do some digging, since treasures are usually buried. Shakku and Valur didn’t have to dig long until they saw something shining from inside the ground. Unwisely, Shakku touched it and was instantly surrounded by a stone-looking see-through material. Valur and Goasse acted quickly and gently hit the surface with their picks. Unfortunately, that seemed to hurt Shakku. Effex had another idea. He blasted Shakku with his portable cannon loaded with frost oil. Effy thought that must be the best antidote to fire… And he was right. Shakku was released from his prison.

Losties thought they were on the right track, because of the trap. When looking at the hole, they noticed a small box. But how to get it without the trap going off again? Effex was the smart one again. He had noticed a large metal disc on the statue and realised the sun had been harvested to use in trapping. The friends stood in front of the disc to stop the rays of the sun while Shakku reached out for the box. He also gathered a few flakes of the shiny material for Harrison Jones to investigate. The mission was a success!