August 30, 2011

Meeting Shyndrah

Lost Order was invited to the Blue Recluse in Stormwind City. The agenda was to meet a new recruit! Goasse, Valur, Hanthelia, Isilmae and Effex were eager to meet the new guildie (obviously, guild master Shakku had already met her).

The friends took turns and shared a little about themselves. Shyndrah seemed like a nice person and she was heartily welcomed to the guild. It was also noticed that the draenei might just be the eldest of the guild…

Welcome to Lost Order, Shyndrah!

August 9, 2011

Financial Issues

Rhelen, the guild treasurer, invited Lost Order to Lor’Danel, Darkshore, to discuss a serious matter. Obviously, Shakku was among the invited, but he had ignored yet another message from Rhelen. Penance, Hanea, Goasse, Isilmae and Valur were surprised to hear this.

The friends were even more surprised to hear Shakku had spent most of the gold from the guild bank! The kind-hearted guild master had made several donations to orphanages. The guild was astonished, but couldn’t be too mad at Shakku… Rhelen had a plan and she was going to investigate it further. Losties promised to talk to their ignorant guild master as soon as they saw him.

As they were all in Darkshore, the friends decided to make their way towards the ruins of Auberdine to do some fishing. It just happened that the guild master Shakku was also there. He was fishing to gather some food for yet another orphanage. The friends confronted their leader and told him about the situation. It seemed he hadn’t really understood the reports Rhelen had sent to him and had used them as kindle…

Shakku felt really bad and his friends soon forgave him for his negligence, but he was still forbidden to make any more donations or spend anymore of the gold. Losties would work together to beat this financial obstacle!