July 29, 2011

The Big Day

Finally, the day had come. Hantitia Wilkes and Daidalos Jenkins were getting married. Family and friends had arrived to Stormwind to celebrate with the happy couple.

Hanthelia, Rhanwen, Phirria, Effex, Rhelen, Ysildiel, Dimiron, Jeriah, Neona, Valur, Viridiana, Reitse, Ymkje and Nandina waited on their seats for the ceremony to begin.

Bestman Goasse was waiting at the altar with the calm groom as Isilmae and Shakku escorted the nervous bride there. Titi seemed to calm down when she saw Daidai and Shakku could start the ceremony.

Shakku spoke beautifully about love and the couple. When Titi and Daidai gave their vows to each other, even the toughest guild members were moved. Luckily, Goasse didn’t lose the rings and Titi and Daidai were pronounced Mr and Mrs Jenkins!

After the ceremony, the party made its way to the harbour and took a boat to Darnassus, Teldrassil. The couple had arranged one of the Temple Gardens as the venue.

The friends ate fish and boar and drank lots of wine. Isilmae gave the newlyweds a couple of birds and congratulated them. The others said their kind words as well. After the food was eaten, it was time for Effex’ surprise. Shakku escorted Titi and Daidai elsewhere, but the others simply stepped outside.

The surprise was one of Effy’s specialities – a fireworks display. He had made a big effort and the show lasted a long time. Hanthy noticed the happy couple watching the fireworks from one of highest windows in the Temple of the Moon.

Next, it was time for wedding cake. The yummy treat had been purchased all the way from Dalaran. Everyone enjoyed it. The friends asked the newlyweds about their plans for the honeymoon. Titi and Daidai were all set. They were going camping in Grizzly Hills.

Finally, it was time to dance the night away. If anyone was feeling peckish, they were offered assorted cheese and bread with the finest wine. Before the happy couple left the party, Titi threw her bouquet and Neona was lucky enough to catch it. Could there be more wedding bells in the future…?

July 10, 2011

Last Night of Freedom

Naturally, Hantitia and Daidalos had to celebrate their last days of freedom with their friends. Titi’s bachelorette part was first. Isilmae, Viridiana, Ysildiel, Ymkje and Nandina had some nice wine, bread and cheese with Hantitia in the Scarlet Raven Tavern, Duskwood.

Ysildiel had gotten Titi a present – a turban! Also, Ymkje and Goasse wanted to get Titi (and Daidai) something nice for the honeymoon and presented Titi with a lovely and revealing red dress. The bride was grateful for the gifts!

The girls talked about Titi and Daidai, their love and plans for the future. They drank quite a bit of wine and the talk turned to pervier subjects. On that note, there was a surprise appearance. Effex. He had been hired for the job by Nandy. The job was to perform a striptease! The girls loved it!

The whole party was dancing in the end. The girls had an awesome time and Effex’ performance won’t soon be forgotten…

A couple of nights later, Daidalos had his bachelor party. Defderien, Goasse, Shakku and Valur gathered up in Rachet and made their way to Fray island from there.

The boys had some wine and a laugh. Goasse and Valur had prepared a poem for the occasion. It was very sweet, but unfortunately Goasse forgot his lines. He had written them on a piece of paper, but the note he found in his pocket was not the poem, but the grocery list… But it’s the thought that counts!

The boys started the barbeque and had some burgers. There was more wine and cherry grog and the boys got more and more drunk. They decided to do a little fishing, but it didn’t go so smoothly. Shakku managed to throw his fishing rod into the sea. Daidai caught a fish, but it was with his sword, not a fishing rod. After a while, they decided to sit down and open another cask of wine.

The chatter made less and less sense… Some words were had, but they were soon forgotten. It was a bit of a surprise when the calmest person was the first one to pass out. The others thought Defderien was fine left sleeping on the quiet beach.

Just a few days left before the wedding!

July 3, 2011

Engagement Party at the Slaughtered Lamb

Hantitia and Daidalos celebrated their long-awaited engagement in the Slaughtered Lamb. The bartender was a friend of Titi’s father, so the place was reserved to Lost Order. Shakku, Isilmae and Ymkje were waiting for the happy couple when they arrived. Shakku was especially delighted to hear of the good news.

The big day would be in just two weeks, so there were a lot of preparations to be done. In order to get everything done, Titi and Daidai needed help. The engagement party presented a good opportunity to ask for help. Isilmae was happy to accept Titi’s request of her being the maid of honour. Unfortunately, Goasse wasn’t able to attend the party, but Ymkje felt she could promise on Goasse’s behalf that he would be Daidai’s bestman. On top of these appointments, Titi also asked Shakku to give her away on the big day, since her parents were unable to attend the ceremony. This was the last straw. The over-emotional Shakku could no longer hold back his tears of joy!

After a moment, he was able to control himself and gave Titi and Daidai magical lanterns as an engagement present! They were well received. Shakku also bought everyone a drink. The friends were feeling cheery and joyful. Titi’s sister, Hanthelia, had baked some chocolate cookies for the party to snack on. Ymkje was kind enough to hand out cocktails made of coconut juice.

Later on, the friends were joined by some more members of Lost Order. Goodwell, Ferlinas and Rondrigo came to wish the betrothed all the best. The invitations for the big day would soon arrive!