June 3, 2011

The Demise of the Lich King

The brave members of Lost Order returned to the Icecrown Citadel for the last battle. This fight would be tough. The Lich King was very powerful and was by no means without devious minions.

Shakku, Welgar, Valur, Goasse, Effex, Hanthelia, Bloxie, Quciuna and Mugin were ready! The friends walked up to the frozen throne to end the tyranny of the former prince of Lordaeron. Lost Order was helping Tirion Fordring, the Highlord of Argent Crusade, who was unfortunately frozen by the Lich King in the beginning of the fight.

Losties were victorious for the most of the fight. However, in the end it was Tirion, who managed to free himself and stop the Lich King from turning Lost Order into his minions. Tirion resurrected the Losties and together they managed to defeat Arthas.

Lost Order celebrated their victory, even thought the fate of the last prince of Lordaeron was nothing to rejoice over.