April 27, 2011

Findings in the Ironforge Library

Goasse and Ymkje invited Lost Order to the library in Ironforge. Goasse had taken a part-time job there to take some time off from fierce battles and Ymkje’s mage studies made it so she spent quite a lot of time in the building as well. It was nice for the couple to spend lots of time together for a change! Shakku, Ayamei and Effex were pleased to hear this.

The couple wanted to share a finding with Lost Order. They had been studying the history books recently, especially those relating to gnomish engineering and gnomes. Surprisingly, they had discovered that there was a gap in the books. In a particular range of time, the engineers stopped using a certain type on screwdriver. Interestingly, at the same time there had been a decrease in the gnome population. The friends were puzzled. Further investigation was in order. It was decided that Effex would contact Penance, since he was an expert in history.

After the business had been settled, it was time for pleasure. Ymkje and Goasse invited their friends to have a drink with them in their house. The gnome couple lived very close to the library, so it was a short walk. Ayamei had never been in the house and like her brother and friends before, noticed the excessive amount of books… The friends had some drinks and shared the news on what was going on in their lives. It was a nice evening.

April 16, 2011

Evening at the Shop

The Losties had gathered in the Finest Thread to have a nice evening together and possibly do some recruiting. They had spread the word out on town and were hoping to meet some new people. Mostly, Hantitia just got some customers into her shop… But there was one exception. A warrior called Daerren came to the shop to buy some shirts and surprisingly ran into his acquantance, Isilmae.

They exchanged pleasantries and, already meeting them in the shop, Daerren was eager to be introduced to Isilmae’s friends. Guild master Shakku was happy to tell more about Lost Order to the potential recruit. It seemed the guild had similar interests as Daerren did. In the end, Daerren joined Lost Order. Welcome Daerren!

April 3, 2011

The Fastest Sheep: Azshara Circuit

It didn’t take long for the Losties to be summoned back to Azshara. This time the purpose was purely recreational. Guild master Shakku wanted to have a race! Earlier, Lost Order had raced with their favourite mounts in Mirage Raceway, Thousand Needles. But since the place was under water now, it was better to use the track in Azshara.

Shakku, Effex, Hanea, Goasse and Ymkje chose their favourite mounts and the race could begin. Hanea’s elekk, Ruby, got scared of the engine sounds of Effy’s motorbike at the start and got left at the rear of the group. It seemed that machines were faster than living mounts. Goasse and Effex were tied for the most of the race, but in the end, it was Gogo, who passed the finish line first with his mechanostrider.

Shakku had prepared a trophy for the winner and Gogo was presented with a happy fun rock. The winner was congratulated by all his friends. It was a fun race! To further celebrate the race, Effex started his barbeque and grilled some meat for everyone. Isilmae joined the party to have a nice evening with her new friends.

Fun was had! Isilmae got to meet Hanthelia’s daughter and Goasse’s wife for the first time. The friends had a chance to catch-up. Apparently, Gogo had decided to take it easy for a while and got a part-time job at the library in Ironforge. It was nice that the couple got to spend more time together. Until next we meet!