March 26, 2011

The Healing

The Losties were eager to see how Drucilla was doing after Effex prepared a cure for her. Valur, Goasse, Hanthelia and Shakku noticed right away that she was indeed better. Drucilla didn’t remember all of them, but the conversation at least seemed sane this time. She told the others her and Wilhelm’s happy news – they were having a baby (or a puppy, they didn’t know). The friends were very happy for them.

However, Drucilla had a request. Effex had needed a book from Wilhelm and he was now happy to give it to him. It included a cure for Effex… The friends became worried and promised to deliver the book as soon as possible. Drucilla knew that Effex was heading to Ashenvale, so that’s where the friends went in search for him. Hanthelia started tracking his moves from Astranaar to East until they came across a bridge with a  strange orc.

First they thought she was hostile, but Hanthy realised she was trying to tell them she knew Effex… And when she showed the friends her motorbike, they were sure it was made by Effy. The orc wanted the Losties to follow her and so they did. Naturally, they did have their weapons on close reach…

The orc took them all the way to Azshara before disappearing suddenly. The friends noticed a building by the nearby beach. Was Effex there? They made their way into the building and it seemed like some kind of research facility. Upstairs, they found Effy.

He was wearing strange gear and it seemed he had been doing some experiments. His friends handed him the book and he quickly skimmed it through. Apparently it was not useful. The others were worried for him, but after a few questions it was revealed that he was in no immediate danger. What a relief!

March 20, 2011

A Mysterious Rose

In order to cure Drucilla, Effex needed some materials. The key ingredient being the root of a rare flower, the blood rose. It only grew where blood had been spilled, so Effex’ apprentice, Vi, took Lost Order to Zul Gurub. The group got together by the gates of Stormwind.

Goasse, Valur, Isilmae, Shakku and Hanthelia were eager to help the poor worgen. Vi led the party deep into the abandoned troll city in search for the rose. Effex had told Vi to tell the others about the history of Zul Gurub, but she didn’t really remember much… Apparently the blood rose grew in the city because of some ritual sacrafises that had been going on there. The friends were lucky enough to find a couple of roses and Vi yanked a bit of their root off for the medicine.

After the work was done, Lost Order decided to take advantage of the bonfire they had come across. Who had lit it was a mystery, but Shakku was able to grill some sausages there easy enough. Some of the friends were wanting to hear a campfire story, so Vi told the others about her past and how she bacame a death knight. It was interesting, if sad as well.

Lost Order spent a nice evening in the troll city. Hopefully the roots they gathered are enough to cure Drucilla!

March 12, 2011

Sethren’s Request

Effex was helping Wilhelm Sethren to cure his wife. The worgen couple had survived the horrible ordeal of losing their homes and some of their friends in Gilneas. They had moved to a house in Stormwind city, but Drucilla had not been the same since the curse. She refused to turn into her worgen form and this had resulted in violent episodes and general craziness. Wilhelm was worried and hoped Effex and the rest of Lost Order could help him.

Goasse, Valur, Hanthelia and Shakku were asked to come and assess the situation. Hanthy had met the couple before when visiting them with Effex and Nuenein. Things had seemed quite normal then. Wilhelm invited the friends to his house and told them the whole story. They were moved and eager to help out. Wilhelm excused himself to go upstairs and sent his wife to meet Lost Order.

Drucilla was not well. It became obvious quite soon. She kept wandering around the room, ripping pages from books, patting a keg as if it was a pet and suddenly yelling. It seemed she was losing her sanity… Eventually she felt tired and decided to go for a nap. The friends agreed with the idea. Wilhelm came back down and was told of the result. Hanthy was particularly surprised, since Drucilla had been sane before. She had especially liked Nuenein… Effex would continue working on a potion that would cure Drucilla now that he received a second opinion. However, the evening wasn’t quite over yet…

The guild was meeting a potential recruit in the Blue Recluse. Isilmae Calien was a night elf druid, who had heard of Lost Order and was hoping to join. Everyone introduced themselves and the guild master explained what Lost Order was about and what their goals were. Since Isilmae seemed to have the same goals and seemed like a nice person too, she was invited to the guild. Welcome Isilmae!