February 26, 2011

Ymkje and Goasse’s Housewarming Party

Ymkje and Goasse had been looking for a new homeĀ  and finally found a lovely house in Ironforge. It wasn’t a permanent solution, since the owner would come back from their travels eventually. Still, the gnome couple found a home and invited Lost order to see it.

Shakku, Hanthelia and Effex arrived and were welcomed with open arms. Hanthy was kind enough to bring the lady of the house some wild flowers and taffy. Shakku brought bread, as it was customed. The happy couple gave their friends a tour of the house. The kitchen and the bed room was downstairs. Upstairs had a cozy living room with noticable book collection and a balcony.

Ymkje and Goasse were planning some improvements into their home. They wanted the kitchen to be better equipped and had ordered some furniture for the balcony. At the moment it was empty. The view was quite nice, though. Apparently, the tram didn’t make much noise, although being in close proximity. After the tour, the friends settled into the living room and were offered cheese and wine.

There were other guests during the course of the evening. The night elf twins, Ysildiel and Rhanwen came to congratulate the gnome couple on their new home. The sisters were quite busy, though, so they didn’t stay for long.

At the end of the evening, Shakku and Hanthelia revealed their big plans for the guild. They had been thinking about offering the fellow Alliance members a chance to help others. That’s what Lost order was all about. Lots of people had to rebuild their lives after the cataclysm and the guild wanted to offer them a place in the world. Effex, Goasse and Ymkje supported the idea and so the recruiting would begin!

February 21, 2011

Feathermoon in Feralas


Ambassador Hanthelia was visiting Feathermoon in Feralas. She was impressed with the work Shandris Feathermoon was doing there and invited her friends to see the place for themselves. Valur, Goasse, Shakku and Effex arrived to Feathermoon and were introduced to Shandris before seeing the army of Sentinels and their practise grounds.

The ambassador was particularly pleased with Shandris taking the worgen in and training with them. It was nice to see the new friends of the Alliance participating. Lost order was impressed with the operation as well. The army was quite sizeable.

Naturally, Hanthelia had also organized something fun for the evening. The friends made their way into the forest for a campsite. They sat by the bonfire and talked about the recent events in their lives. Shakku was nice enough to grill some sausages and his cousin served the friends some tea and cake.

A good time was had by all!