January 22, 2011

Long Lost…


After his recent issues with the guards of Stormwind City, Effex had spent more time in Darnassus. While being there, he had gotten involved with the trouble in Gilneas and helped out the new friends of the Alliance. During battle, he stumbled across a familiar face and soon realised there were a couple of worgen he had to introduce to Lost Order. Ymkje and Goasse came to the Slaughtered Lamb, where Effex met them in a disguise (he didn’t want to be noticed by any guards). Ayamei and Donaldus sailed to Stormwind City from Darnassus where they had been refugees with other worgens. Lots of worgen had already left Darnassus, wanting to find their place in the world, but these two were coming home…

After answering Gogo and Ymkje’s questions about being a worgen, Ayamei told her story. There had been a couple of big tragedies in her life. After the death of her family (as far as she had known) at a young age, she had been raised by sailor merchants. Ayamei had ended up in Gilneas after a shipwreck and because of the walls, she wasn’t allowed to leave there… After a while, she managed to climb over, but ended up going back in after rescuing Donaldus. The two of them became best friends while Aya nurtured Donny back to health. It didn’t take long after they realised they had a friend in common and it was this friend that they came to find in Stormwind. Effex had recognised Donny. Although older, it wasn’t hard notice the features of Shakku’s apprentice. Effex had been part of the search party when the boy went missing.

It was a surprise to even Effex when he realised who Ayamei was, though. Most of Lost Order knew of the fate of Shakku’s sister. But no one had known the truth – Ayamei lived and had come back home in hopes of being reunited with her family. When the story had been told to Ymkje and Goasse, Donny had to leave to go to his mother, who had not yet found out about her son being alive after all. It would be a happy reunion. After he left, Shakku finally arrived.

At first he didn’t recognise Aya, since she had been only six years old when she had “died”. But after a little help from his friends, the guild master realised the facts. He was overwhelmed by the happiness of seeing his sister alive, but also the sadness of her being a worgen now. Again, his friends convinced him of the actual situation with the worgens. Shakku relaxed when he realised the curse was under control. The sister and brother will have a lot of catching up to do. There was one thing they already noticed they had in common – they both liked to drink.

January 16, 2011

Beach Party in Tanaris


Effex invited Lost Order to Tanaris to spend an evening on the beach. He had planned all kinds of fun for his friends. The evening started with a barbeque.

Hanthelia, Valur, Goasse and Shakku were drooling after the goodies Effy grilled for them. The feast included meat and fish along with a couple of good wines. Everyone had dressed for the occasion and the weather was lovely.

In relation to the dessert, Effex had gotten Hanthy’s help. The pair had baked a couple of cakes. Hanthy’s cake was perfect on the first go, but Effy had to make his several times. In the end, Hanthelia had to watch every step Effex took in baking the cake. The cake turned out fine after no rocket fuel had been added to the mix… Effy had also brought a sample of the ale he had just acquired quite a few cases of. He was planning on selling it and wanted his friends’ opinion about it. Everyone liked it, Shakku especially (but then again, why wouldn’t he?).

After all the food, Effex suggested that they’d play a game. He had also acquired some deepstone oil potion and gave some to his friends. The idea was to make a silly pose and freeze into that position with the help of the potion. The poses were funny! Effex was the judge and after a few rounds, he decided on a winner. Hanthy’s poses won Effy over.

The evening ended with a fireworks display by Effex. Everyone found it awesome. What a lovely evening!

January 2, 2011

Happy Winter’s Veil and New Year!


This year was no exception to Lost Order’s tradition of celebrating Winter’s Veil together. This time the friends gathered together on the top of Ironforge. The scenery was awesome. Goasse and Valur brought wine and cheese whereas Hanthelia had prepared fish for her friends. Shakku and Effex brought holiday cheer.

Hantitia had remembered her friends in the guild and made everyone red winter clothes. Her big sister delivered the presents and they were received well. Everyone tried theirs on right away! Hanthelia had another surprise. She had acquired a new pet, a fox called Scarlett. And there was a special treat. Since Scarlett was already grown up and trained, she knew tricks, like dancing. The Losties joined in.

The evening was lovely. The friends talked about what their year had been like and, encouraged by the very drunk guild master Shakku, revealed to each other something that no one else knew. These secrets cannot be repeated here, since they were spoken in confidence. While the friends were watching the sun set, they noticed another fox. He came to say hi and sniff Scarlett. There were others on the mountain as well and the fox belonged to them. Lost Order wished them happy Winter’s Veil and soon they were on their way to celebrate the season with their families.

Happy Winter’s Veil to Everyone and All the Best for the New Year!