October 23, 2010

Fishing Trip to the Loch


Lost Order wanted to start having their regular fishing trips again and what better place was there to start from than Loch Modan. The friends gathered to Thelsamar and among them was a new friend as well. Ceréne was the sister of Neona and Nephryn. It was actually Nephryn, who had sent her to Thelsamar to meet her there. It was a surprise to Ceréne when Nephryn wasn’t there… But she met with Lost Order instead and was warmly welcomed by Goasse, Valur, Nymira, Hanea, Aargon, Effex and especially Shakku, who was always pleased to meet a pretty night elf.

Ceréne hadn’t actually fished before, so the friends were happy to help her. Hanea showed her how to hold the pole and cast the line and Effex told her about goblin fishing. The friends had a nice change to catch up and get to know their new friend. Goasse and Valur told the others about their plans for a trip to Outland. Valur wanted to try and find some of his relatives. Goasse needed his guild mates’ help, though. Someone had started to follow him and he didn’t want to leave Ymkje on her own. Luckily, the guild treasurer, Rhelen lived in Ironforge as well, so Shakku suggested he’d contact Rhelen and ask if she might want to stay with Ymkje while Goasse was gone. Effex was also going to inform Viridiana about the situation and have her keep an eye on the pair. Vi would be pleased of an assignmet like this.

The evening was pleasant until the friends got a surprise visit. Nandy had mentioned to Shakku that someone wanted to meet with him and that they might be stopping by, but this was not the person they expected. Hanthelia’s godmother, Delaelah, came to warn Shakku. At first, he wasn’t sure what the priestess was talking about, but with the help of Effex, he realised that Hanthy’s father was alive! He had come back and seeked for a reunion with his daughter. However, he wanted to take things slow. Apparently, Defderien had made the mistake of contacting his sister as well… She came to tell Shakku to stay away from her brother. It was obvious that Delaelah blamed humans and Alliance for a lot of things.

After the unpleasant night elf had gone, Effex explained the situation to the others. Especially Aargon felt sympathy for the situation, since his wife had made a similar comeback. Effex left to find Defderien and organise another meeting with the guild. The friends would help the father get reaquinted with her daughter.