September 13, 2010

Liberating Gnomeregan!


The high-tinker Mekkatorque, king of gnomes, was gathering troops. Finally, it was time to take back Gnomeregan! Goasse asked his friends in Lost order to come and help. Of course, they came. Goasse, Hantitia, Daidalos, Nymira, Nandy and Valur met at the Steelgrill’s Depot, a makeshift training area.

From there they made their way to outside Gnomeregan, where people were waiting for the king to lead them into battle. The anticipation was high. Many had been waiting for this day to come and Goasse was one of them. Others had slightly different reasons for being there, for example Nandy, who was looking forward to, erm, killing gnomes.

They didn’t have to wait for long. The battle was fierce with many troggs and irradiated gnomes as opponents, but the gnomes were victorious. The army made their way into Gnomeregan, where they delt with some of the marshals of Thermaplugg, the current ruler of Gnomeregan.

It was a trap, though. An irrediator was about to explode. Mekkatorque tried to deactivate it, but he wasn’t successful. The army was blown out of Gnomeregan! Goasse was upset about the failure of the mission. His friends comforted him and reminded that this was closest they had gotten to liberating Gnomeregan in a very long time. The gnomes won’t give up and Lost order will be there beside them when the day comes!

September 8, 2010

Extreme Fishing in Azshara


Guild master Shakku invited Lost order to do some fishing in the beautiful surroundings of Azshara. For many in the group, this was the first time they got to meet Chratus, a new member in the guild. Effex, Goasse, Valur and Hanea were pleased to meet the draenei and welcomed him amongst them.

After a little while of fishing and getting to know each other, Shakku told the other of a big catch further out in the Great Sea. Apparently, there were rumours of something out there and Losties decided to go and see. Luckily, Shakku and Effex had some potions to help the friends make the journey faster.

They came across a wreckage in the middle of the sea and noticed that there was indeed something in the water… It was a big shark! The creature didn’t like intruders and attacked. It was no match to Lost order, though, although gave the friends quite a fight.