July 15, 2010

The Story of Illex


Penance had required a book from a friend of his. This book seemed to have been borrowed from the library in Silvermoon City and contained old stories of elves that were long forgotten. Penance thought he should share a story relevant to Lost Order before returning the book.

Hanea, Nuenein, Valur and Goasse arrived to Astranaar, Ashenvale in hope of hearing a good story. Hanea had been told that since Penance was very old and wise, his stories were worth listening. The friends found a bear sitting in a boat and Nuunuu recognised the animal as Sweetbum the bear, a nickname for Penance.

The party made its way a bit further into the woods and settled on a pier by a lake. There Penance showed the others the old book he had gotten from a friend (who remained nameless). He wanted to share the story of Illex with Lost Order, since that had a special meaning to the guild. Illex was the mysterious character, who had assited them when Effex was missing. They never found out who or what Illex was. The story might have explained a few things.

Hanea found the story quite interesting and was happy to hear it. Others had some problems following the story… Penance had a habit of using fancy words, which were difficult for some. However, everyone understood the meaning of the story and were intrigued.

July 9, 2010



Lost Order decided to gather their troops and fight the Scourge, like they had done many times. This time they went to the dread citadel Naxxramas.

Goasse and Effex lead the way while Valdoran and Shakku were healing the party. Valur, Hanthelia and Roxanna were the ones doing the damage to the abominations, spiders and all sorts of nasties.

At one point, the friends came across some cultists. That was a difficult fight. There were just so many of them and they had dark magics. Lost Order beat them, though.

Another highlight was ending the existance of Sapphiron, a blue dragon that was killed and brought back. Lost Order was victorious, but the battle was fierce. The friends managed to thin the herd in Naxxramas.

July 5, 2010

The Fireworks at the Midsummer Fire Festival


Hantitia and Effex were working at the Finest Thread when a few Losties happened to gather there. Shakku came to hang out while Ymkje and Goasse were in the shop to do business. Titi made a lovely robe for Ymkje. After the shop closed, the friends decided to celebrate the Midsummer Fire Festival.

There were ale kegs everywhere in Stormwind City! Shakku and surprisingly Ymkje were the ones to have the largest amount of beer. No one was surprised by the guildmaster’s drinking, but poor Ymkje wasn’t used to drinking so much. Luckily Effex had his motorcycle and Ymkje got a ride to the Valley of Heroes.

Effex recommended that they watched the display from the Valley, since there was a big open space on the bridge. Shakku parked himself next to a keg and the gnome couple climbed on top of one. The fireworks lasted for 10 whole minutes and they were spectacular.

Happy Midsummer Fire Festival to everyone!