May 11, 2010

Titi Needs Help


Hantitia invited her fellow guild members to Dalaran in order to get some assistance from them. First, they spent a good time catching up and talking about random things. Goasse, Valur, Nandy and Effex were happy to help Titi with her investigation of the Halls of Stone. She needed to find Brann Bronzebeard inside the big place and assist him. This was at the request of the Explorer’s League. The friends decided to make their way to Ulduar instantly.

They got into the halls and found Brann quite easily. Assisting him was no easy task, though… Brann was looking for some answers to his questions of, well, life itself. They found a chamber with some kind of a machine that finally told him what he wanted to know. The creatures in the place didn’t like his intrusion and there was some fighting. After learning the truth about life and how it came to be in Azeroth, Brann still wanted to see what was behind the huge door they had seen before.

Lost order went to investigate and came across Sjonnir the Ironshaper… He wasn’t happy to see them, but in the end, the friends managed to defeat him and find another machine. Brann is going to make good use of it.