April 20, 2010

Picnic in Grizzly Hills


Hanthelia and Shakku wanted to give a picnic to Lost Order in order to spend some time with their fellow guild members in the beautiful scenery of Grizzly Hills. Hanthy’s sister had told them about the lovely picnic grounds there that were quite close to Amberpine Lodge. Effex and Valur arrived to the lodge and together they all got to the spot Hanthy had picked.

They started a campfire and began cooking. Hanthy prepared all sorts of fish and Shakku had some suspicious looking bundles again… The fish feast was yummy and also the bundles seemed tasty. Finally, Shakku revealed what they were: gorilla testicles. Hanthy and Valur were brave enough to continue eating, but that was the end of Effex’ meal.

Effex wanted to do his share, so that they would all enjoy the picnic, and shot up some fireworks. They were very pretty. After the show, all there was left was the dessert! Shakku made some blueberry pancakes and Hanthy had baked cupcakes. Valur was kind enough to offer some honeymint tea to wash down the goodies.