March 10, 2010



Effex had invited his guild mates to Silithus. His friends gathered to Cenarion Hold, where they also met a new guild member, a human called Ariaddne. Shakku, Hanthelia, Alverin, Valur and Effex welcomed the newcomer into the guild. Shakku’s outfit was naturally an object of discussion… It seemed like he had forgotten his trousers. Shakku reassured that he was wearing shorts, but the others weren’t convinced.

The reason they were all in Silithus was the fire lord Ragnaros. Effex had possibly found an ally to bring him down. He wasn’t quite convinced, though… The source of his information wasn’t the most trusted. Luckily, Effex had several friends willing to help him in finding out the truth about prince Thunderaan. They made their way to the northwestern Silithus, where highlord Demetrian, Effex’ source, summoned the prince.

As it turned out, Thunderaan was not a possible ally at all… He was furious and attacked Effex! Lost Order was ready for a fight, so they took the prince down after a little struggle. Effex returned to his source to confront them about their less-than-useful information…

Highlord Demetrian was shocked that Effex made it back to him and begged for mercy. The betrayed rogue was convinced to spare him once he received the highlord’s peace offering. Demetrian offered Effex a very nice sword called Thunderfury. No one seemed to mind the deceitful lord after they saw the beautiful sword. Well played.