February 23, 2010

Picnic in Redridge Mountains


Lost Order and Peace Keepers decided to spend time together again. This time Lost Order invited Peace Keepers to Redridge Mountains for a picnic. Shakku, Valur, Goasse, Hanthelia and Xargon met in the forest, where the guild master had chosen a nice quiet location.

They started a campfire and caught up a bit before Peace Keepers joined them. Xargon hadn’t been to events lately, but he was still the same old boom-crazy gnome. Shinodan and the other Peace Keepers were quite officially dressed when they arrived, although this was supposed to be an unofficial meeting. After some introductions, the formalities disappeared and the group started to share stories and talk lively.

Shakku started cooking his infamous bundles and Lost Order shared wine, bread and cheese with Peace Keepers. Everyone had a chance to taste the bundles, but seemed that only Losties were courageous enough. A little later they felt a little sorry about it too when Shakku reminded them of the ingredients – murloc eyes…

Stories of drunken incidents were told, some flirting was had and a campfire game was started, but not quite finished. Valur got quite close to a night elf called Syllia. After a while, they left together towards the nearby inn. Later it was noticed that they hadn’t arrived there, since some of Peace Keepers also headed indoors, away from the cold. All of Lost Order weren’t feeling cold, though, and they staid by the campfire until it was time to go home.

February 19, 2010

Shenanigans in Ghostlands


Effex had asked Lost Order to meet him in Ghostlands. Without further explanations, Hanthelia, Valur, Junnor and Nuenein made their way to the horde populated area. They were to meet Effex by the bridge leading to Eversong Woods.

They gathered to the river bank and fished a little until Effex arrived… There were screams and yelling and finally Effex storming across the bridge. When the friends got a better look, they noticed that he was wearing something quite typical for blood elves. It turned out that he had been (yet again) in Silvermoon City and stolen the outfit. But that wasn’t all he had acquired…

A hawkstrider! Hanthelia disapproved of Effex’ thefts, but even she agreed that taking the hawkstrider was justified. Its owner had been mistreating the animal and after Effex knocked him senseless, the bird helped itself to some salted venison from inside Effex’ backbag and started following him. Effex had no objections and the others could only admire the beautiful animal.

After a while, the friends moved to the other side of the river and fished there. Junnor didn’t care for fishing and tried to sleep, but was apparently interrupted by Nuunuu’s lively chatter. The somewhat “simple” elf was later kicked into the river by Junnor! Valur started a camp fire, where Nuenein could dry his boots on. Hanthy offered her friends some cooked fish to eat. Later that evening Junnor himself got thrown into the river by Effex. The human rogue didn’t find the trick quite as amusing and moved to the bridge where he finally found a resting place. The others kept talking about the Tournament and other things.

February 15, 2010

Argent Tournament


Goasse and Valur invited their fellow guild members to celebrate at the Argent Tournament Grounds. They had recently began to train with the Argent Tournament and wanted to share their success with their friends.

Shakku, Effex, Barwin and Hanthelia came to celebrate. They had a campfire and the soon-to-be champions of the Tournament served their friends some wine and cheese. After Goasse and Valur told the others of their plans, fireworks were in order. The rockets were lovely and so was the company.

The friends spent the evening talking about their recent adventures and getting to know Barwin, the somewhat newer member of the guild, better. Also, Shakku finally admitted to his friends that he and Nandy were dating. Although, others had known about their “relationship” for sometime now, it wasn’t until now that Shakku was going to ask Nandy’s parents for their permission to court their daughter. His friends wished him luck, but suggested that he would wear something less colourful when he met the parents…

As the evening advanced, Goasse wanted to show his friends some of the new skills he had acquired at the Tournament. Apparently, horseback fighting was all new to him, as it was for some of his friends too. The evening was a great success! Thank you Goasse and Valur and congratulations!