January 26, 2010

Meeting Hanea in the Hinterlands


The time had come for Lost Order to meet Hanthelia’s daughter, Hanea. She had invited everyone to the Hinterlands so she could properly introduce herself. Effex, Goasse and Ymkje were the ones, who were able to make it.

After the introductions, Hanea told her story. She was born on the Exodar and her mother had passed away in the crash to Azeroth. Hanea’s father had been devastated, left his daughter to an orphanage in Shattrath and tried to avenge his wife’s death. He didn’t succeed and Hanea lost her father as well. She lived at the orphanage quite comfortably, until Hanthelia came along. The two of them met during the Children’s Week when Hanthy showed Hanea around. They felt very comfortable with each other and after a while, Hanthy adopted Hanea.

Although her life in Shattrath wasn’t too bad, Hanea felt happier than in years! She had a family again. Hanthy’s cousin, Shakku, was named her godfather and she spent a lot of time with their family. Ymkje was touched by Hanea’s story, but in the end, they were all happy. It turned out that Goasse had been adopted too. Some fishing was just the thing to bring an emotional evening to a more cheerful end.