December 21, 2009

Winter Veil Greetings from Dun Morough!


Again, it was that time of the year, so Lost Order followed its tradition and spent an afternoon by the campfire surrounded by lovely wintery scenery. Shakku, Hanthelia, Goasse, Ymkje and Effex met up in Dun Morough. The snowy hills were a perfect place to celebrate Winter Veil.

Hanthelia had gotten Winter Veil presents for her friends and Shakku had baked cookies. Actually, it was Hanthy’s little sister, who had sewn several shirts to keep the Losties warm at winter. Goasse and Shakku got lumberjack shirts and Effex a lovely pink shirt. He was particularly happy with his shirt. Ymkje was the only one to get a toy. Effex had made her a little mechanical toad.

The friends talked about how they were planning on spending the holiday and the afternoon flew by. Season’s greetings to all!

December 13, 2009



Since Effex’ assumed demise, Shakku had spent most of his time searching the cliffs of Stormpeaks. Now, Shakku invited the guild to Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra, to tell them of his findings. Valur, Goasse and the deeply-concerned Hanthelia arrived to meet the guild master, who had no good news… All he had found was a boot on a rock next to a cliff. Shakku was starting to think Effex was gone for good after finding nothing else. Hanthelia and the others didn’t believe that.

And then he appeared! Effex had been listening to the conversation after noticing his friends on one of the boats in the Keep. Everyone was overwhelmed. Hanthy greeted her dear friend with a slap and a hug. They wanted to know what has happened and Effex told them. After the demon hunters had pushed him off the cliff, Effex had merely parachuted down, but since he had no mounts there, getting back to civilication was difficult. He had broken his heartstone, so contacting his guildmembers was out of the question as well.

But being an engineer, he was able to build himself a ride from the scrap metal he found lying around Ulduar. A motorbike! After telling the others of his exciting adventure, him and Hanthy drove off to talk about things a bit more thoroughly. Good to have you back, Effex!