November 29, 2009

Reporting Back


Shakku and Hanthelia returned to the others, but they had no good news. They met Valur in the Blue Recluse, in Stormwind City. They had just explained to him how they searched the whole of Stormpeaks but found nothing when Penance appeared.

He told the others how someone had seen someone matching Effex’ description in Cathedral Square, but he himself didn’t find them. Hanthelia stormed out. She was quite upset over Effex’s disappearance and wanted to follow the first lead they had gotten so far. The friends looked around, but they couldn’t find anything either. Not until that someone found them.

The elf looked a lot like Effex and for a moment Shakku thought it was Effex. It turned out that the person was a messenger of the demon hunters. Illex, as he was called, had a message to Ms Eagleheart, but Hanthy didn’t exactly believe his message. The messenger told them that Effex’ cover was blown when he rescued his sister, who flew away. Effex, on the other hand, was cornered to a cliff and was thrown down. Again, Hanthelia run away not wanting to hear anything more. She didn’t believe Illex. Effex had gotten through worse. But who knows where he is now…

November 24, 2009

Demon Hunter


Earlier, Effex had invited Lost Order to Redridge Mountains to tell them his latest news. Everyone was shocked to find out that he was going to join a group of demon hunters in Stormpeaks. They tried to convince him not to, but in the end, he just disappeared. Now, Daidalos asked his friends to come to Winterspring. The group got together in Everlook and made their way into a cave from there.

Daidalos had heard of his guildmate’s disappearance and had something to say to the people, who had “let” him go. Shakku, Goasse and Valur tried to tell him that they didn’t just let him go, but he had ran off. Hanthelia hadn’t been there, so she wasn’t sure what had happened. Daidai had found Effex’ diary in the very cave they were in. It had been his hiding place earlier. It seems that Effex had a reason to join the demon hunters. In fact, it was his twin sister, who had been taken by them and forced to become a demon hunter herself. Effex was trying to rescue her.

It was obvious that Daidai was very upset. Everyone else was convinced that there was something they could do… In the end, Hanthy made a plan. She was going to use her position as an ambassador of the Alliance and enter Stormpeaks. She would take Shakku with her and they’d go to the demon hunters in some official business. While there, they’d try to look for Effex and his sister. The others could be called to help, if needed. It seemed that diplomacy was the best policy in this case. Hanthy and Shakku would report back to the others after a little recon.

November 1, 2009

Spooky Stories in Duskwood


Hallow’s End was here and the guild master invited everyone to Duskwood to celebrate. It was supposed to be an evening of spooky stories by the camp fire. Valur, Daidalos and Hanthelia joined Shakku on a little hill, in the middle of the forest. It was the perfect place for scary stories.

Shakku began by telling everyone of an incident that happened not far from where they were. He had seen a woman he knew, crying near an entrance to a cave. He could only make out a name from what she was saying. It was her late boyfriend… Shakku went into the cave to investigate. There was horrible noices coming from the back of the cave. Shakku was scared, but eventually reached the end to find… a kitten. It turned out that the woman had lost her kitty, who was named after her boyfriend. Valur told the others of a fluffy pet he had had when he was a child. He had recently found the animal when strange killings of animals started to happen near his home. Eventuallyhe realised it must have been his pet! It seemed to sneak out of its cage at night. When he realised it, he locked the pet out and never heard from it again.

As Daidalos pointed out, all the stories that were told weren’t that scary, really. Apparently they all featured cute fluffy animals. Hanthelia’s story wasn’t really any better. She shared a story of her being attacked by creatures that scared her the most, butterflies. Others didn’t really see what was so scary of her story… Daidalos got turned into a bunny. Served him right for not having a story to tell! Maybe Lost Order will have scarier tales next year!