September 26, 2009



Daidalos and Hantitia were supposed to meet members of Lost Order at the Brewfest. They didn’t find anyone they knew, just a dwarf lady, who was also waiting for Lost Order. She turned out to be in charge of the finances of Lost Order. Titi and Daidai didn’t know there was anyone responsible for the guild bank and finances, so they were quite surprised to meet Rhelen.

Daidalos suspected that Rhelen was one of Shakku’s “female friends” and she was indeed looking for Shakku. It was a matter of business, though. Rhelen had some reports to give him and a salary to receive. But Shakku wasn’t there, so they decided to go explore the fest.

They tasted some brew and pretzels. Daidai tried his tankard throwing skills in one of the tents. Rhelen and Titi felt bad for the little robot, who was the object of throwing tankards at. When they were getting some sausages from the sausage vendor at the fest, the whole camp was suddenly attacked by mole machines with dark iron dwarves driving them. It was quite a hassle and the newly acquainted decided to go their seperate way.

September 22, 2009

The Way of the Fishy Fist, part 3


It was time to find out who would be the next winner of the Lost Order bare-knuckled fighting championship! Razzil, Aargon, Nuenein, Dougtus, Sybe, Arnulf, Hanthelia and Effex met in Ratchet and made their way to the already familiar Frey Island.

The friends decided to fish a little before the main event of the evening. It was nice to get to know the newer members a little better and to catch up with the older friends too.

The fights were just as tough as the year before. Although no weapons or spells were supposed to be used, there were still some appearing in the fights… In the end, Nuenein was declared the winner.

After the matches, it was nice to relax. Effex’s little butler-robot served drinks for the fighters and the meaning of beer among different people was discussed. Congratulations to the new champion, Nuunuu!

September 13, 2009

The Wayward Son


Aargon invited his guild to help Julianos meet with his son. Elwold didn’t want anything to do with his father, who he blamed for the death of his mother, among other things. Shakku, Hanthelia, Effex and Rauwerd met with Aargon in the inn in Southshore. He explained the situation to them.

Julianos waited for them by the pier. The others were going to help him talk to his son. Elwold arrived, thinking he was going to meet Paullus, but instead he saw a group of his fellow guild members. Soon, he also noticed his father and got furious. Hanthelia and Rauwerd tried to calm him down and make him listen to what Julianos had to say. He did not. Elwold told the friends the whole truth about the death of his mother and Julianos’ past. It seems the father left out quite a few details. He had been a part of the Stratholme massacre!

Effex was appauled by this, but Hanthelia was eager to forgive, since so many others had been mislead by prince Arthas. She tried to make Elwold listen, but it seems Julianos had given up. He felt really bad and didn’t say anything. Eventually Elwold stormed away. Shakku told Julianos to stop being a whiny baby and make his son listen, but Julianos had other plans. He was going to look for his brother, who had been like a father to his son. He was hoping Elwold’s uncle would bring the father and the son back together. After he had gone, the others heard from Aargon that the brother was in fact dead…

September 10, 2009

Forming an Alliance


Lost Order had an important day. First, they were meeting a possible new recruit in the tavern in Old Town, Stormwind City. Shakku, Hanthelia, Effex, Goasse, Aargon and Caelon met in the tavern, where they were supposed to meet the gnome called Hermi. As soon as Shakku arrived in his pretty purple outfit, they were ready to start. Hermi seemed to have same goals in life as Lost Order, if a bit more enthusiastic about blowing stuff up. Not with gizmos, though, but with arcane magic.

Hermi joined the guild. Now, it was time for Lost Order to get to the main event of the evening. They made their way to the old embassy in the dwarven district to meet the Heroes. The two guilds were going to talk about forming an alliance to help each other fight the good fight. Small guilds should help each other.

Unfortunately, only the leader of the guild could make it to the embassy in time… Decon of the Heroes came on his own and a conversation was had. In the end, Shakku and Hanthelia shook hands with Decon and an alliance was formed. The guilds are going to help each other in battle, with professional skills and even have some fun together. After the official part of the alliance, the old and new friends made their way back to the tavern. Soon they realised it was full of drunk people, so they moved to the park.

Another member of the Heroes managed to come and greet Lost Order. Saraze was introduced to the guild and she seemed just as nice as Decon was. The new allies had a good time drinking wine and juice and getting to know each other. Hopefully this alliance will benefit both guilds!

September 7, 2009

A New Rogue in the Guild


Hantitia was working in her shop again. A young woman got some new clothes and shoes, a death knight got some shirts for himself and his girlfriend and a gnome got some clothes to replace the ones that the troggs ate… It was indeed a busy day. Shakku came to help a little later. Soon after that Effex arrived there as well with another rogue, Caelon. He wanted to join the guild, and after a little talking he did.

After closing time, the friends decided to go to the tavern in the park to get to know Caelon a little better. The tavern was empty. The door was open, though, so they helped themselves to a bottle of burnwine. Titi paid, since it had been another prosperous day. She left some money on the table and poured herself and Shakku some drinks. The elves didn’t want any. It was a nice evening of getting to know each other a little better. Caelon explained about his profession, doing whatever was required of him to get paid. The older Losties told him about the people in the guild and their relationships. He assumed Shakku and Titi were a couple, but that was soon corrected. Welcome to the guild, Caelon!

September 5, 2009

A Hard Day’s Work


Hantitia was working at her shop, The Finest Thread. Business wasn’t going that great at first, so her cousin Shakku came to help. Effex made an appearance too. The fact that there were people in the shop must have lured the customers in. Suddenly there was a lot of business!

A dwarf dressed in dark clothing came in for a formal shirt. Titi had one ready for him, so he got what he needed quite fast and Titi got a nice compensation for the shirt. A man with a prairie dog wasn’t as easy to serve… He wanted something warm for his pet, but something it could still move in too. Shakku and Titi were puzzled. In the end, Titi sold him a bolt of woolen cloth. The man seemed happy.

A fellow guild member, Rauwerd, came to do some shopping as well. He needed a cloak for his outfit. After a bit of looking into the matter, Titi convinced him to get a blue cape and a matching hood. First Rauwerd had wanted some gloves to go with the cape, but he was quite pleased with the hood. Effex was kind enough to help and get some of the ingredients from the bank. The most valuable items were naturally kept safely in the bank. The last customer of the day was a draenei wanting to buy a tuxedo. He was called Decon and he was the leader of a guild called Heroes. After talking to the guild master Shakku for a while, they were planning a meeting of the two guilds to discuss a possible alliance with them. They decided to meet up the following week. Decon left the shop grateful for his new tuxedo. Hantitia was quite happy with the big tip she got from him too. It was a prosperous evening!