August 27, 2009

Mysterious Mage


Effex invited his fellow guild members to Mulgore. There was a pressing matter he needed the others’ assistance with. Penance had sent him to tail on someone. The man, who turned out to be a mage, had all kinds of suspicious business. Effex told about his comings and goings to Penance, who seemed quite alarmed. Penance told Effex his part of the deal had ended and sent a letter to his friend, Tanavar. However, Effex intercepted the letter and brought it to the others to read.

Alverin and Nuenein listened carefully when Hanthy read he letter. They weren’t all clear on what was going on. Based on the letter and a journal page that Effex had managed to steal from the mage, the Losties figured out that the person was planning on some kind of attack on Stormwind. He would have to travel through Ratchet to get there…

The Losties didn’t waste a second to get on their mounts and head to Ratchet. They looked around and decided to visit the inn. He might have stayed there… They were in luck! Effex found another page of the journal. Who would take such bad care of their journal was inconcievable… The page revealed that the mage was going to the Sunken Temple in Swamp of Sorrows to get a weapon of some kind. The friends had to hurry. They took the next boat to Booty Bay.

Again, they decided to check the inn when they got to Stranglethorn Vale. And again they were in luck. They managed to find the room the mage had been staying in and there was the journal! Hanthy gave the journal to Effex to read. The mage had already gotten the weapon and was on his way to Stormwind and the attack was planned against Daidalos! Effex made his way on the road through Goldshire, the others flew straight to Stormwind and tried to find Daidailos there. They split up and communicated through their heartstones. Nuenein found Daidai in Old Town. They met each other there, although Daidai was a bit confused because of Nuunuu’s faulty description… Alverin pointed out that they should probably go some place more quiet and they went to the park.

There, they got to explain everything to Daidai. And to their great surprise, the mage had already made his move on him. However, he hadn’t succeeded. Daidalos had thrown him into the canal from where he was most likely escorted to the Stockades. All was well. The friends were exhausted and decided to their separate ways and have a rest…

August 13, 2009

A Picnic in Nagrand


Shakku had planned for a picnic in the lovely scenery of Nagrand for a while already. Now he finally realised it. Shakku had the campfire all set up when Effex and Hantitia arrived. He had plans for a feast! Neona was running a little late, so Titi summoned her to the floating island they had their picnic on.

Shakku was secretive about his cooking. As an appetizer they had some leafy bundles that turned out to have a murloc eye inside them. Neona and Titi were brave enough to eat right away and weren’t too freaked out by the ingredients of the bundles. Effex only decided to join in the feast when he learned it was a murloc eye inside the peacebloom. Apparently that was his favourite…The main course was crab. The sad thing was that the food was extremely fresh. Shakku smashed the poor crab with a rolling pin and cooked it. Titi felt a bit uncomfortable, but forgot about the crab after smelling the lovely scent of the meal. After they had finished eating, Titi felt really strange and suddenly turned into a demon! Most of the group had never seen that happen. Titi was ashamed of not being in control of her powers… Seemed she had a lot to learn still. The fate of the poor crab had gotten to her.

The dessert made everyone feel happy, though. Shakku baked some cupcakes. They were yummy! After that he served some cookies under an umbrella with some ale. The friends ate and drank. It was a very successful picnic. The weather was good, the food was great! Thank you Shakku!