June 28, 2009

Guild Meetings and New Friends


Lost Order has had a lot of activity lately. First, Daidalos invited his friends to go fishing with him in Redridge Mountains. Hanthelia, Shakku and Goasse met him by the pier in Lakeshire and made their way from there into the forest.

Goasse was eager to get to ride with Shakku on his new motorcycle. Daidai took the group near a beautiful waterfall he had come across in his youth. The friends had fun!

While fishing, Goasse mentioned to the others of his intention of letting them meet his wife, Ymkje. Just a few days later, the friends were in Thelsamar, Loch Modan. Effex, Nuenein and Hanthy were pleased to meet the mage they had heard so much about.

First, they had a drink at the inn Ymkje and Goasse were staying in until they could find a house of their own. The couple told their new friends of how they had met and other things about their past. Then, they made their way to the lake.

Fishing was as fun as ever and the guild managed to make a new friend. Effex and the dwarf they met at the pier seemed to favour the same fishing technique: explosives. The friends caught many fish and had a lovely time together.