May 31, 2009

The New Cottage


A lot had happened to Hanthelia lately. She thought it was finally time to tell the others of the changes in her life. Hanthy invited her friends to Azuremyst Isle.

When Effex, Shakku and Donald (Shakku’s apprentice) got to the beach, Hanthy pointed to the dilapidated house near the rocks. She took them closer and explained that it was her new cottage she was going to renovate. Hanthy had recently become a mother through adoption, which had resulted in her marriage finally falling apart. She wanted a new start with her daughter and that’s what this cottage meant.

Everyone approved of the cottage, although Shakku was very dissapointed with Tiermes, Hanthy’s ex-husband. The guild master wanted to give him a good beating, but Hanthelia told her cousin not to. There was no point, since everything had been sorted and things hadn’t exactly happened over-night. Later, Goasse joined the others in trying the fishing waters near the cottage. The friends caught lots!

May 16, 2009

Searching for Effex, part 2


Some time had passed since the cousins found Effex and took him to Darnassus. Nuenein was supposed to come and help him, but since he was a bit… distracted, Effex left the city to go somewhere else. Hanthelia, Nuenein and Razzil found him in the mountains in Westfall. Penance led them there. He had an idea why Effex would go there, but, as before, he wouldn’t tell the others.

When the friends found Effex, he led them to the beach near a sunken ship. Apparently, after the incident that bound him to his sword, the first thing he remembered was waking up at that beach. A friendly farmer took him home and cared for him. After he was better, he helped the farmer and other humans nearby. Finally, he made his way to the city of Stormwind and started his journey.

The others were touched by Effex’s story, but they had a mission. They were there to cure Effex. Nuenein was brought there to try his enchanting skills on the sword. Razzil staid back, but was ready to assist with darker magics in case enchanting wasn’t enough. However, after a little distraction by cake, Nuenein knew exactly what to do. With the help of Hanthy’s phoenix, he released Effex’s heart from the sword. But that was just the broken sword. The other had trapped the actress’ heart and that needed releasing too. Nuunuu gathered his strength and finished the job. After realising what was trapped in the second sword, Effex felt guilty. Hanthy reminded him that he couldn’t have known. All was well again.

May 1, 2009

Searching for Effex


After the plans made in Tanaris, Shakku, Hanthelia and Daidalos met in Southshore to go and look for Effex in Brill. Daidai had gotten some instructions from Penance and came to see Shakku and Hanthy off, since he was otherwise engaged.

The cousins followed the road past ruined Lordaeron and headed towards a lake near Brill. All they saw were the undead, until they noticed someone on an island in the middle of the lake. The elf seemed to have two swords, so Hanthy enquired politely if he was or had seen someone called Effex, a night elf with a broken sword. The elf was inpolite and seemed to want to be left alone. Soon, it was clear that he was indeed Effex. Shakku noticed a crack in the other sword. When Effex turned around, he was shocked by Hanthy’s appearance. He yelled something about ghosts and run off. A friendly blood elf assisted the cousins to the road Effex had taken, but he was nowhere to be found. Shakku and Hanthy had no other choice but to go back to Southshore to meet Penance.

Penny told Shakku and Hanthy to get to Stormwind and talk to his friend called “the Wumpus”… The cousins were suspicious of the character, but decided to go along with the plan and hear if this person had knowledge of Effex’s whereabouts. Surprisingly enough, Wumpus did know Effex was headed to Darnassus. The cousins knew Penance was headed there as well and they contacted him with their heartstones to ask what was going on. They wanted to know why Effex was avoiding Penny so much. Penance explained some things to them, but said that the rest was for Effex to tell them if he wanted. He had seen Effex storm off to East from Darnassus. The cousins headed to the forest and Hanthy noticed Effes’s traces. This time he had been more careless to not have hid them.

Also, this time Hanthy and Shakku convinced Effex that they weren’t going to harm him and that they wanted to help him. The crack in the sword was making him weaker. Shakku concentrated and healed Effex the best he could. It wasn’t enough, though. The sword would need some magical attention. The cousins decided to call Nuenein to come and help with his enchanting skills. Before they headed to the inn to wait, Effex told the whole story. How it wasn’t an accident what happened to him and that it was Penny’s play they were working on in the theatre. It was clear Effex has suffered. He didn’t want any help from Penance, since he had done enough for him already. But the friends he had made through Penance would help him out.