April 19, 2009

Meeting at Steamwheedle Port


Penance invited Lost Order to spend some time with him in Tanaris. The friends arrived to Steamwheedle Port to fish and tell stories. Shakku, Aargon, Hanthelia and the newest recruit, Goasse, were happy to rest a little after all of the recent adventures.

The guild caught some fish and got to know Goasse a little better, but there was also a reason for Penance to invite everyone to him at this point. He told the others a story of a night elf, who used to make special effects for a theatre in Darnassus. His story was sad… The poor elf lost the actress he loved because of a horrible accident and got somehow linked to his swords. Now, he was in desperate need of help, since one of the swords got cracked.

The friends were moved by the story and wanted to help out. Unfortunately, the night elf called Effex was nowhere to be found. He was avoiding Penance for some reason. Penny had last seen Effex in Brill, so that’s where the friends decided to go look for him. The hunters would try and track him from there and the blacksmiths fix the sword. If normal blacksmithing wouldn’t do, they would try magic. The plan was clear!