January 30, 2009

Aargon’s Decision


It had been a while since anyone had seen Aargon. He had done a lot of thinking about the encounter he and Shakku last had. Äisha, Aargon’s wife had come back to him after a long time and well, her death. She was now a death knight, who had broken free of the Lich King’s power. Last time Shakku had been very suspicious of Äisha, and Aargon felt like he could no longer be in the guild…

The old friends gathered to Stormwind to have a serious talk. Hanthelia, Daidalos and Shakku met Aargon and Äisha in the abandoned embassy. Aargon told the others of his hard decision and was about to hand his heartstone back to Shakku when the guild master started talking back. Shakku had changed his opinion. There had been a meeting in the cathedral where the death knight situation had been discussed. They weren’t seen as such a threat anymore… After a little of convincing by Shakku and Hanthelia, Aargon realised that his friend was admitting he had been wrong before. After all this seriousness, drinks at the Blue Recluse were in order.

The friends talked a lot about Aargon and Äisha’s past and Shakku tried to get Äisha to tell them something embarrassing about young Aargon. There wasn’t much to tell, apart from the tree incident… The eternal romantic, Hanthelia, wanted to know how they met and inquired if there would be a celebration in honour of the reunion. Aargon was never much of a party animal, so there will be no big party. The old couple were quite sweet, though. It was obvious to everyone that they were as much in love today as back when Äisha was still alive.

January 27, 2009

Lunar Festival Celebrations


Annual Lunar Festival is a popular tradition among Lost Order. They made no exception this year. Shakku, Hanthelia, Neona, Jeriah and Penance gathered to Moonglade to celebrate in the honour of Elune.

It had been in the minds of the guild members for a while now that the guild master and Jeriah looked quite alike… Finally, this was discussed. Neona found the resemblance a bit difficult. Things got really confusing when the druids, Neona and Penny, both changed into their moonkin forms. Hanthy started thinking she saw everything in two…

The friends had fireworks and drinks with them. Shakku had found wine and some other drink from his fathers cellar. He shared the wine with the others, but kept the strange drink to himself. There was talking and dancing.  In the end, it was Shakku who passed out. When Hanthy went to tuck him in with a blanket she got from the house nearby, she ran into Nuenein.

Nuenein was as funny as usual. Well, not so much funny as plain weird. He was talkative and he didn’t even need or want a drink. His mother didn’t approve of such things. The friends heard of a monster called Omen tormenting the people nearby, so they decided to check it out. Other people in Moonglade at the time joined them. It was a tough battle, but in the end they were victorious. After Omen was defeated, the friends needed some rest and called it a night.

January 23, 2009

Meeting Niwen


Lost order had gotten a new member, a warlock lady called Niwen. Many had talked to her through their heartstones, but now it was time to finally meet her in person. After a hard day in the tower of Karazhan, Hanthelia, Shakku and Daidalos went to Stormwind to have a drink with Niwen. They met in the tavern in Old Town.

The impression the friends had gotten from Niwen was that she liked to drink. Since the guild master was the same, it was no surprise to anyone when they started a drinking contest. First one to pass out loses! Hanthy and Daidai settled to watch. Everyone got to know Niwen better and she got to know the others better. It was a successful evening in that sense. A strange cat was keeping an eye on Daidai’s pet treats all evening. He was kind enough to feed lots of them to the feline and the cat seemed to get very fond of Daidalos. The tavern was full of seedy people that night. A man with a knife was having his eye on the group as well, but he departed soon after Daidai gave him a glimpse of his sword. The evening ended with Shakku’s loss. He passed out before Niwen. Luckily, Hanthy and Daidai weren’t there to see it…

January 15, 2009

Fishing Again


After all the Winter Veil celebrations were over and done with, it was time to start the regular fishing-themed guild meetings. The holidays hadn’t stopped Shakku, Penance, Neona, Hanthelia or Jeriah from helping others and fighting against the Scourge. Shakku, Hanthy and Penny met in Booty Bay, from where they moved on to a quiet beach. Neona and Jeriah met them there.

As usual, Hanthy inquired from Neona and Jeriah, if there would be any chance of a sound of wedding bells in the near future. And as usual, she got an evasive answer. Apparently, they had talked about it, but still no fixed plans. It seems Hanthy is just hoping to be the maid of honour…

The friends shared stories of what they had been up to lately and were a bit silly too. The beautiful surroundings of Stranglethorn Vale gave them luck with fishing as well!