December 21, 2008

Happy Winter Veil to All!


Since it was that time of the year, the guildmaster invited everyone to celebrate the last event of the year with him. The meeting took place in Winterspring, just like the year before.

Shakku had prepared a feast with egg nog for everyone. Turrin, Daidalos, Moscolian and Hanthelia enjoyed the meal. Hanthy brought a keg with her and some cookies she had baked. Daidai’s wolf pup seemed to like Hanthy and the cookies might have been the reason for it…

The friends shared with each other their best moments of the year. The conversation was as lively as ever, although the amount of alcohol consumed might have had something to do with it… In any case, the celebration of Winter Veil was fun and everyone had a good time. That includes Turrin, even though he got some comments about his robe. Happy Winter Veil!

December 7, 2008

An Unexpected Appearance


Shakku, Aargon, Daidalos and Hanthelia were spending time together in Feralas. The friends were fishing and catching up, like they sometimes do.

After Hanthy left, an unexpected guest arrived. It was Aargon’s deceased wife! He was as surprised as everyone… Äisha had died some time ago while the couple was fighting the Scourge in Plaguelands and now she was a death knight.

Aargon was overjoyed, but the guild master was a bit uncomfortable with the walking corpse… Äisha explained that she had broken free of the Lich King. Daidalos tried to make Shakku understand the situation, but he wasn’t too successful. Aargon and Äisha left together. It will be interesting to see how the couple can make things work again.