October 17, 2008

Meeting a New Pet


Nuenein was excited! He had gotten a new pet that he wanted to show off to the guild. Hanthelia and Aargon arrived to Astranaar, Ashenvale to meet the bear.

Aargon had his new cat with him as well and the friends admired the beasts. Only, there was something different with Nuunuu’s bear… He could talk! Nuenein had named his bear Sweetbum, but when Hanthy and Aargy talked to the bear for a while, it turned out that he was in fact a nightelf druid called Penance.

Although Penance switched back to his normal form, Nuenein still wouldn’t believe that he wasn’t a bear. The friends talked and the cause for Nuunuu’s delusional behaviour was soon revealed. He was still upset over his bear, Mussukka, who was recovering from a tough battle. After a while, Nuenein came to see the facts and Penance was welcomed to the guild. Nuunuu lost a pet, but made a new friend.

October 9, 2008

Shakku’s 30th Birthday Party


The Guild Master of Lost Order turned 30 and the whole guild was invited to celebrate. Nuenein had prepared a feast in a house in Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains. Shakku led Hanthelia, Daidalos, Schlumber, Aargon and Takamet inside and they gathered around him.

Hanthelia gave a touching speech to her mentor telling how Shakku had reached a lot in his relatively young age. Some of the things were a bit seedy, but since this was an evening of celebration, they weren’t discussed any further. After her speech, Shakku promoted Hanthy to General, his second in command. Turning 30 had made him think of the future and who he would want to carry on the guild in his absence. Hanthelia had already done that successfully, so she was a natural choice. The evening went on with good food, beer and presents.

Shakku was pleased to receive so many nice things. Hanthy gave him a red shirt fitting his style and Aargon presented him with a nice purple robe. The birthday boy put the items on and looked very dashing. The look was completed by a walking stick, a gift from Daidai. Shakku also got a festive-looking green shirt from Hantitia, who arrived fashionably late. The evening was a great success and when the food had been eaten and the keg was empty, the drunken guild master moved on to spend the rest of the night with some questionable female companions.