September 30, 2008

Marshal Daidai!


Daidalos had been in Lost Order for a while now and wanted to take a more important role in the guild. He wanted to become a marshal. Everyone was invited to Un’Goro Crater where Daidalos took the Test of Leadership and organised a fun evening by the hot springs.

First, there was a dance contest, but with a twist. Daidai acted as the judge and when he said “dance”, everyone had to dance. When he said “sit”, everyone had to sit and the slowest one was dropped from the competition. Lansfield was the first to drop. The battle between Shakku and Hantitia was tough and there were some ties, but in the end, Titi was faster.

After the exercise, the friends sat down and told stories. This game came with a twist too. Everyone had to use the items they had with them in their bags and continue the story Daidai started. Three stories were told and the titles consisted of Titi’s tree frog, Lansfield’s hammer and Shakku’s night out.The evening was a great success and everyone had lots of fun. The Test of Leadership was passed without a doubt and guild master Shakku promoted Daidai to marshal.

September 22, 2008

A New Champion


Lost Order decided to take another trip to Fray island. Last time they had their first bareknuckled fighting championship there. That was now a year ago, so another fighting tournament was in order.

First, the friends relaxed and fished for a little while. Then it was time for the matches. Last year’s champion, Hanthelia, started the tournament fighting Aargon, a fellow hunter. Hanthelia won. Warriors, Takamet and Daidalos fought next and the more experienced Takamet was the winner. Little Daidai gave a good fight, though. Everyone expects him to be a respectable opponent next year.

Although this was a bareknuckled championship and magic was not allowed, there was some used in the paladin match, Shakku vs. Lansfield. Hanthelia thought that the couple should be disqualified, but in the end Lansfield was the winner and got to continue in the tournament. After the winners fought against each other, Takamet beat Hanthelia and was declared the champion. Congratulations! Until next year…

September 16, 2008

The Princess


Hantitia was on a mission to save a beautiful princess that her cousin, Shakku, had told her so much about. She invited the guild with her to Maraudon, where evil monsters were keeping the princess a prisoner. The group fought their way deep inside. The surroundings were quite beautiful, but Titi had a nasty surprise waiting for her when they reached the princess…

She didn’t want to be saved! It was quite clear to everyone there (except to Shakku) that princess Theradras was the leader of these monsters… And she wasn’t beautiful at all. Although the princess attacked the group and Lansfield, Daidalos, Neona, Jeriah and Takamet helped the cousins to take her down, Shakku was still convinced of her beauty. Titi was confused. Luckily, she had her boyfriend there to comfort her. The friends decided to start a campfire and rest for a bit.

Shakku had made cookies and gave them to everyone. The cookies weren’t that good though. Some liked their taste more than others, but they looked quite bad. To everyone’s relief, Titi’s “felpuppy” particularly liked them and didn’t prefer to eat anything more alive. The guild master also let everyone know of his upcoming birthday party. He was about to turn 30 and wanted everyone to join him in celebration when the time comes. Hopefully the party will be a great success!

September 8, 2008

By the Pier in Southshore


Aargon invited the guild to meet him and his new recruit in Southshore. Nuenein, Lansfield, Daidalos, Hanthelia and Takamet were eager to come. They all arrived and found Aargon and Julianos, the new recruit, by the pier.

As it turned out, Julianos was the father of another friend of the guild, Elwold. He told a sad story about his past and why he and his son were no longer speaking to each other. Nuenein got upset and was comforted by Hanthelia. She and the others were determined to help Julianos get reunited with his son.

After the aged man went to rest and Takamet had to dash away unexpectedly, the friends continued the evening with the traditional fishing. The rain stopped and the evening was nice. Except maybe for Daidalos, who was questioned about his relationship with Hanthelia’s sister… But it all ended well.