May 17, 2008

Lost Order Two Years!


In celebration of the guild’s two year birthday, the friends decided to have a Grand Tour of all the places that had a special meaning to them. The tour began in the human capital, Stormwind, where the members of Lost Order gathered. Among other things that had happened, the regular fishing trips of the guild started there. Next, guild master Shakku led the party to Ironforge.

Shakku, Imadrillan, Hanthelia, Wyrander, Schlumber, Caeryth, Befuzzle, Zixxa, Jeriah and Vaekor walked around the city where they had had many drinks during the past couple of years. From Ironforge, the guild made their way to Menethil Harbour, the popular crossing place of the guild and many others on their journeys.

The friends took a boat to Kalimdor and made their way to Feralas, where Moscolian joined them. Many of the guild members had adventured in Feralas and seen Dire Maul, so they decided to take a look in there again. There was nothing to be seen but ogres…

Back in Eastern Kingdom, Wyrander wanted to show the others something in Stranglethorn Vale. He led them to the ruins of Zul’Mamwe, filled with trolls. Randy told a story of the origin of his name. His friends were moved. From the ruins, they carried their journey to the coast and saw one of the oldest, but also a more friendly troll tribe.

The guild finished their Grand Tour in the park of Stormwind. There Shakku thanked the former guild master, Imadrillan and gave a touching speech. The tour was a success! Many of the guild members managed to join in and the evening was filled with remembering the past, when the friends shared many happy memories with each other. The evening ended with Shakku having one too many ales, flirting with Schlumber’s succubus and his cousin, Hanthelia having to escort him to sleep it off in an inn…