April 23, 2008

Games and Companions


This time the guild met in Auberdine to do some fishing and just enjoy each others company. The friends started gathering on the pier and made their way to the beach where the rest of the group joined them.

Several people had a companion with them and this brought on some discussion. Jeriah and Hanthelia had their little cats with them, while Nuenein had brought his new tiger friend. Schlumber’s minions made people uneasy in a couple of incidents. First, Nuenein felt that Schlumber’s succubus might be feeling cold with so little clothing on and then his voidwalker scared Takamet. The evening got a more pleasant ending when the silly elf suggested that the friends played a game. They had fun and the game made people think and discuss the matters brought up.

And so the friends made their separate ways and continued their journeys.

April 9, 2008

Gathering on Azuremyst Isle


Lost Order took a trip to Azuremyst Isle to spend some time fishing on the beach there. Many long-time members joined in. The guild met in Exodar and from there they all made their way to the nearest beach they could find.

The old friends, Caeryth and Zarendir spent some time catching up and comparing their pets. Alorian liked to fish at a distance from the noisy party. The former leader of the guild, Imadrillan, mentioned the upcoming 2 year anniversary party and some thought was given to the matter. He also shared some self-made lager to his friends. Especially Hanthelia liked it a lot and wanted the recipe for herself. Turrin had his own drinks, as usual. Nuenein made friends with a young draenei fighting the crabs on the beach. It was nice of Takamet to help her out by using the extraordinary fishing techniques on crabs as well.

Nuenein told the others about a big creature he had run into in Nagrand. Turrin soon realised he was talking about Durn the Hungerer… Apparently, the creature had hurt Nuenein’s bear. Lost Order decided to teach Durn a lesson and headed for Nagrand. Fishing was fun, but new battles were waiting for them…