March 26, 2008

Little Cottage


Soon after their wedding, Hanthelia and Tiermes started looking for a place to settle down when the time comes. They found a lovely little cottage just outside Darnassus suitable for them. The house is quite small and needs some renovation, but still, Hanthelia decided to invite the guild to see it.

Shakku, Neona, Jeriah, Zixxa and Takamet met Hanthelia in Darnassus and from there they rode to the cottage. Everyone thought the house looked nice, although a bit small. The friends looked around and Hanthy showed them all the things she liked and what she was going to make some changes to. Later, Moscolian joined in and it was getting very crowded in the little house.

The party made their way to the lake near by and ended the evening with a very traditional way – fishing. Neona and Hanthelia discussed weddings and made Jeriah think about things. Maybe there will be another wedding inside the guild soon…

March 14, 2008

Catching More Than Fish


Lost Order has been performing many heroic deeds lately, so it was time for some relaxation in the form of a fishing trip. Alorian, Shakku, Turrin, Zarendir and Zixxa gathered on a pier in Lakeshire for some socialising and catching dinner.


After a while, a human and a night elf happened by, on a fishing trip of their own. It was hard to ignore each other on the small pier, so friendly conversation was soon started. In fact, Lost Order took an immediate liking to Neona and Jeriah, and the two were welcomed to join the guild. But that was not all. Shakku – encouraged by the other officers – felt that Turrin had done great justice and shown strong loyalty to the guild lately, so the dwarf was promoted to a Marshal. Congratulations Turrin!


The rest of the evening was spent by getting to know each other better and drinking ale Turrin produced from his head…hat…beer-soaked brain? In any case, the night was most enjoyable to all, and everyone was thrilled to get new members to join the guild. As Neona stated, Lost Order seems to catch more than fish during their trips.

May the good fishing luck continue in the future!