January 26, 2008



After some discussion and a lot of planning, Lost Order was finally able to explore the tower of Karazhan. Under the fearless leadership of Imadrillan, the party fought their way into the stables.

Redmane, Llewellyn, Shakku, Nilthanath, Valdoran, Hanthelia, Tiermes and Befuzzle followed the former guild master, fighting several undead horses, until finally reaching Attumen the Huntsman and his mare, Midnight. It was a gruelling battle, but in the end, the guild was victorious.

After fighting hard, Lost Order ended up crashing the dinner party of Moroes, the tower steward. Some individuals suspected that a certain chubby druid led the group to the full dinner table on purpose.

After invading the table, the group didn’t have the necessary concentration for the effort required to take down Moroes. They decided to call it a night and come back later. All in all, it was a succesfull evening of exploration.

January 16, 2008

The Fastest Sheep


Since the members of Lost Order have many fine mounts, the guild master felt that a race was in order… The guild met in Thousand Needles, by the Mirage Raceway.

The group consisted of old and new members. Shakku offered some cherry grog to everyone and got the people talking to each other. They all seemed to get along well thanks to common friends and everyone wondering about Befuzzle’s odd-looking flying helmet. Then the race started…

The race was intense! Surprisingly enough, seemed that the elekks were among the fastest mounts right from the start and it was Takamet who won the race with her elekk. The guild master rewarded her with some more grog letting her get more acquainted with the fun side of being in a guild.

The evening went on a bit more with lively conversation ignited by the curious Takamet.

January 9, 2008

Gathering of the New Members


Lost Order has gotten a few new members lately and they just happened to run into each other at the inn in Blood Watch, Bloodmyst Isle… Turrin, Yul, Nymira, Nuenein, Hantitia, Phaedris and Takamet realised they all had the same stone and figured out the meaning of it all for the confused Takamet – having fun! Well, there was more to it than that, but that’s how the evening went by. Takamet was kind enough to get some bourbon for everyone. At some point Turrin had to have a bit of a lie-down, but in the end it was Hantitia who had a few too many… Although Nymira tried her best, she had to call it a night. Still, it was a fun evening for all. They got to know each other and will probably be of assistance to each other in the future.