December 20, 2007

Winter Veil Greetings!


Since the traditional feast of Winter Veil was coming up, the guild master invited everyone to the snowy scenery of Winterspring. Shakku was in the holiday spirit and wanted everyone to say nice things about their fellow guild members. Wyrander and Imadrillan were feeling cheery too. They gave their friends cookies, eggnog and hot cider. The former guild master even brought gifts for everyone!

The evening was filled with lively chatter and everyone’s new pets. The friends also met the newest member of the guild, Arryn. She seemed to fit right in. Lost Order spent some time in planning for an adventure to go explore distant places. The plans were pretty accurate, but since the keg was already opened, who knows what will happen…

Happy Winter Veil everyone!

December 5, 2007

Congratulations Hanthelia and Tiermes!


It was a magical night when the couple of the guild finally wed. Hanthelia and Tiermes had been together for a long time and it was obvious that they wanted their close friends and relatives to witness the ceremony of their unification. This took place in Moonglade.

After the beautiful words by Soloth, the guild made their way to the party area in the woods. Redmane and Imadrillan were kind enough to take care of the lighting. After the moving and somewhat unconventional speech by the best man Shakku, Wyrander served delicious chocolate cake to the guests. Aargon was glad to take in the responsibility of acquiring drinks for the whole party.

As the evening progressed, there was lively chatter, more drinking and the newly weds had their first dance as husband and wife. Others joined in soon after.

At the end of the party, Hanthelia threw her bouquet of white roses and the maid of honour, Llewelynn, was lucky enough to catch it. The couple left their friends for the lovely scenery of Nagrand where they spent their honeymoon.