October 31, 2007

Meeting New People


While they were fishing in Westfall, Lost Order came across some new people. Actually one of them turned out to be Hanthelia’s childhood friend! Nuenein and Rhydor were on a mission to find Rhydor’s lost gold. Since the guild consists mostly of helpful people, Lost Order promised to help them in any way they can.

October 18, 2007

Picnic in Silvermyst Island


Last night Lost Order had a picnic in the Draenei Lands, Silvermyst Island to be exact. Everyone brought tasty food to share with others. There was even a keg or two…

The evening went by fast with a little camp side story. The story was inspired by Shakku’s recent journey to the Nether. Some inspiration came from Hanthelia’s little pet too.

Aargon’s pet, Santor, kept the party safe. He staid close to Mockba and guarded him well. Where shall we go next week?

October 11, 2007

The Way of the Fishy Fist


Aargon invited his friends to an evening of fishing and exploring Fray island. Lost Order met in Ratchet and from there they made their way to the island. The islanders seemed very friendly.

After a little exploration the friends found a nice place to fish.

Aargon told the others the legend of Gutrot the Troll who fought wearing only a loincloth. Inspired by the story, the guild decided to have a bareknuckled fighting tournament. The fights were tough, but in the end the champion was found. It was the only female contestant, Hanthelia. Her dodges were unbeatable.

After the exciting tournament, the friends had some ale and continued to fish in the sunset.

It was altogether a fun evening with good friends. Everyone was already planning for the next meeting. Hopefully we will see even more friends there!

October 5, 2007

The Missing Gnome


Xargon’s brother Yul had gone missing! It was up to Lost Order to find some answers. Poor Xargon was too upset to go look for his brother by himself, so the others were happy to help.

The guild met a variety of interesting characters in their path of finding answers. Not all of them very eager to help…

After some difficulties, they found Yul. But it seemed he had other plans then to return to his brother… He was in the verge of finding his and Xargon’s lost father.

Xargon had given instructions to help Yul with anything he needed, so Lost Order followed him to the summoning circle and helped him in the ritual. It was hair-raising… Even the usually so brave guild master had his moments of fear.

Unfortunately the ritual didn’t work the way everyone had hoped. They did manage to summon a gnome, but it was the wrong gnome… All that was left to do was to give Xargon the good and the bad news. At least his brother was alright.