September 29, 2006

Befuzzle Ex Machina


G’day me lads! Gather aroon’ f’r I hae a tale to tell o’ extraordinary cunnin’ an skill, an no small amount o’ bravery too!

Usin’ the po’ers vested in me by Ship, I cunnin’ly evaded the brood o’ the Dragin’ Aspect o’ Time an’ entered the Caverns themselves!

Usin’ me formidable mental capability, I came to the conclusion tha’ wa’ever Nozdormu be doin’, it be involvin’ Peacebloom.

As gnome o’ the nautical persuasion m’self (bein’ Grand Admiral an’ all) I be assurin’ ye tha’ this be bad sailin’.

Venturin’ e’er deeper, I disco’ered the Sands o’ Time itself! O’ course, I’m no’ one to abuse such a thing. Incidentally, nightelves be even more stuck up when the world be younger. Or so I’ve been tol’.

This is me leavin’ the caverns. Certainly not me tryin’ to siphon po’er unto meself by creatin’ a pocket o’ dimensional instability, ‘causin’ the Sands o’ Time t’ veer off course. Not at all.

Many more knowledge I took with me from tha’ place, look at ‘m in oor gallery!

September 13, 2006

The Hunt for the Blessed Water


Well, the turnout for this guild event was large, and a great evening was had by all!

Our intrepid band started at Nesingwary’s Expedition and headed across Troll country, trying to find suitable clues as to the location of the Blessed Fountain. After some skirmishes and the slaying of a most unco-operative Troll Witch Doctor, the group headed north to gather fresh forces, and then south, where the heat seemed to cause memories to… fade…

However, soon we were back on track and heading through Raptor country behind the Gurubashi Arena, and Enzu’s Infernal seemed to be having a whale of a time, even if the rest of us were getting a bit tired of finding raptors snapping at our limbs….

“Ach, ye be forgettin’ aboot me tryin’ me diplomatick skills after I, eh, go’ temporarily dislocated. Duly impressed, them Trolls even provided me wit’ an escort back!”

We pressed on Southward however, pushing through the Bloodsail compound and not even bothering to enquire with them, but simply ensuring no one will be asking anything of them in the future. Finally, after hacking our way through a band of ominous “fishelves”, we found what we sought! To some, it was a font of beauty and wholesomeness. To other less sane people (more specifically, Nilth and Befuzzle) it was a “Sign of the Ship”… Even though statues of Snakes adorn the fountain, and I pointed this out, some people just refuse to be convinced….

“So them trolls be not verreh good at art ’cause of havin’ only three fingers, ye shouldna hold it agin’ them!”

Anyway, after the successful completion of Ulfheonars quest, we dutifully invaded Booty Bay and got drunk! Great evening, and thanks everyone for coming!

September 8, 2006

The September Tonk Championships!


This months Tonk Championships were held in Mulgore, in the beautiful grasslands of the Tauren! Once again, we had some nailbiting first battles, with Ulf defeating Ell, and Shakku defeating the defending Champion Maeven, who was the new champion after Kutz departure.

 A late entry by Morphias forced a new match between Ell and Morphias, with Morphias coming out victorious and going on the the grand finale.  The three humans, Shakku, Morphias and Ulfheonar battled it out, but we began to get interference from the Horde after Shakku was knocked out.  Finally, we decided to call it a draw, and Morphias won the 20 gold prize!

 So, hail to the 2 champions for September, Ulfheonar and Morphias!