July 22, 2006

A Day at the Races!


Well, in further to my post on the forums a while back, I have contacted Xala and offered to Sponsor the Summer Stakes (an over 40 mount race round Ironforge).  It starts at 2.30pm outside the bank in Ironforge, and I will shortly have confirmation of whether our sponsorship is accepted.

 The races starts at 2pm in Thelsemar with the druid triathalon, then the Summer Stakes at 2.30pm, and finally the Dragonslayers race at 2.45pm. (also in Ironforge)

 Looks like a cracking event, so if yer free, come along!

 Hope to see a few of ye there!

 Oh, heres a link to the site, which also lists the evening events http://www.allerianlore.com/about

 Also see the Steamwheedle Cartel forums for information aswell!

July 18, 2006

The Ironforge Adventure!


So, what was meant to be a small night out in Ironforge turned into a search for the Shippish Embassy *sigh*

 So Befuzzle, and his loyal knight/herald/fellow loon walked around the city, announcing the Great Befuzzle’s presence wherever they went.  We searched high and low for the perfect place for a Regal Enbassy, only to decide on the first building we visited in the Explorers Ward.  With magnificent views and ample seating, Befuzzle made his declaration from atop the balcony.


Whether he could see over it is another matter…

July 13, 2006

Evening in Booty Bay – a Grand night out!


Well, Ulfheonar lost his pants…. Befuzzle told us his plans to take over Grim Batol *snigger* … and Nelix made a perilous journey across half of Kalimdor to meet us, but the evening in Booty Bay was fun for all!

 Here is a small picture of Befuzzle’s, ah, idea…

July 7, 2006

An Evening in Booty Bay


This Sunday, we shall be having an evening in Booty Bay!  Starting at around sunset ((21.00 server time)) we shall spend the evening trawling the shops and bars and generally enjoying ourselves! So bring along your best Rum and sailor hats!