June 28, 2006

Imadrillan sinks to new lows!


Well, it seems the Grand Master of Lost Order is feeling the pressure slightly… Acting very oddly, it has come to a head with the latest visit to the Scarlet Monastery.  You see, he wanted to feel Morgraines Might… (It’s a mace ye dirty beggar, stop thinking those thoughts) and as such sunk to new lows to obtain it.  Where normal folks would simply slay the Zealot and claim thier due, Imadrillan hit on a new and novel way to…. well, lets see shall we. Presenting, thanks to Gnomish technology, the evidence!


June 25, 2006

The Festival of Fire… and one mad Gnomes quest…


Well, it seems that on this fine eve a group of hearty Lost Order maniacs… uhm, adventurer, were dragged across the Eastern Kingdoms on one fool-gnomes drive for a new royal mantle.  This took us first to the Hinterlands… fair enough… and then, the Plaguelands.

Now, ordinarily, normal people steer clear of war torn, plague ravaged Kingdoms until they are strong enough to deal with such challenges… but not Befuzzle.  He decided that claiming the fire of that land would be a good idea, and whats more, trekked us onwards to the Searing Gorge and Blasted Lands…

 So at last, bat bitten, flea ridden and world weary (and with a strong desire for Gnomicide) we returned to claim our mantles… But I fear the gnome will want a crown next….

Although, the mantle does look good….


June 20, 2006

Gallery and suchlike


Many thanks for yon Gallery! Look out for some pictures of the most handsome elf in the land (that being me) *grins*

 On a totally unrelated topic, how about a little drinks night in Booty Bay? Pirates ahoy? Or maybe just some Volatile rum….


Oh PS… can I have a password for yon Gallery? Pretty please *smiles sweetly*


June 20, 2006

I ain’t deaf…


I may’ve been snorin’ fer a long time again now, but I still ain’t deaf, Fuzzy. There ye go.

June 19, 2006

Befuzzle in technicolour!


Lo’ an’ behold, the Lost Order has a gallery!

Be sure to check it out at http://lostorder.servut.us/gallery

Perhaps we’ll even get Gyeal to add an actual link to it on the homepage! *grumbles*

EDIT : Added now! The World according to Befuzzle! If you are ever in doubt on how the world looks, look for the (regularly updated) map of the Shippish Dominion!

June 2, 2006

Pax Befuddopolia


*with a lot of effort the gnome manages to drag a large crate in front of the Stormwind cathedral and then clambers on top of it*

Hear ye hear ye! It is I, your King , Befuzzle I Rex speaking! Citizens of Befuddopolis, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Shippish Dominion stretches ever further! The Wooleh Fleet has made landfall on Kalimdor, and have the claimed the outpost formerly named Theramore* for ourselves, and named it Fuzzexandrium!

I am pleased to tell you I have also become the new spiritual leader of the noble Night Elf people and have appointed the Archbishop Jenal to rule in my stead over the glorious city of Diel’thera’turus’dieb’o’Bandu’do’ni** (formerly Darnassus).

Be safe in the knowledge that I , and through me all Ship, watch over ye!

Rule Befuddopolia!

* : I had an aunt named Thera, and noone in their right mind would want ‘more’ of her .

**: “That Cloud Looks Like A Sheep To Me”

June 1, 2006

Greetings and Welcome!


Welcome to the Homepage and forums for Lost Order, an RP guild on the Steamwheedle Cartel Realm, Alliance faction!

 Apologies for being so slow in getting round to posting here, but it took me long enough to figure out exactly what to do *grins*

 But, thanks to Gyael, all sorted now!