December 27, 2021

Winter Greetings

The traditional Winter Veil gathering of Order of the Lost was arranged in Thorim’s Peak, Stormheim. Guild leader Hanthelia brought a chocolate cake for the guild and the others took care of the ale offering.

Goasse, Irrula, Corellan, Elenyah and Shakku were mostly dressed for the occasion, but Imadrillan brought a chest with seasonal outfits and even his friends were happy to try them on. Shakku and Irrula had baby murlocs in their backpacks, which was a conversation starter. Apparently, they had found the pets when they had been just an egg or very young, so there was little chance of them eating their owners.

Hanthy asked everyone what they had been up to lately and the discussion was lively. Quite many of the Losties had been taking it easy recently, some even hibernating. Ele, however, had been working hard to try and get on the good graces of Death’s Advance in Korthia. All the work for an outfit! Gogo had suffered from a curious short term amnesia, but it didn’t seem too dangerous. The Losties offered their help if needed!

The evening ended with the guild leader’s speech and passing around the lovely cupcakes that her sister had baked for the guild. There were fireworks and Winter Veil wishes and then the friends went their separate ways. Happy Winter Veil!

October 10, 2021

Boozy Brewfest

Shakku’s favourite holiday was here: Brewfest. The slightly alcoholic paladin invited his friends from Order of the Lost to join him in the festivities outside of Ironforge. Grieveris, Elenyah, Guldurn and Hanthelia were happy to tag along.

Losties started with a sausage eating competition, which was new to the festival this year. Gul, Shakku, Hanthy and Grievis competed against each other while Elenyah cheered them on. In the end, guild leader Hanthelia was victorious and the friends went to buy some beer from the different vendors at the festival.

There were quite interesting drinks for sale, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The friends bought each other drinks and sampled on them. Gul was especially generous in purchasing drinks for his friends! After a while of walking around the festival, Losties decided to move somewhere further away to enjoy their loot.

The friends build a campfire to stay warm and enjoyed some ale to maximize the effect. Shakku wanted to play a drinking game and his friends took part in it. On their turn, a person would make a statement of something they had never done and in case the others had done it, they had to drink. It was good fun! The Losties were quite drunk at the end of the night.

September 3, 2021

Stylish Losties

Trial of Style arrived and the Order of the Lost decided to celebrate in the form of a fashion show. Even though Canal Tailor and Fit Shop was the location, Losties were not wearing Hantitia’s outfits this time!

Hanthelia, Shakkuu, Imadrillan, Monira and the new recruit, Guldurn, had picked their favourite outfits to show to the city of Stormwind. The friends presented fierce sets of armour, casual robes and lovely dresses. By request from the guild leader, a big Kul Tiran called Bearwell performed as the master of ceremony.

There was a small crowd in front of the tailoring shop that seemed to enjoy the show. The models received many applauds and Bearwell’s “interesting” commentry was noted with laughs. At the end, the Losties took a bow together and had some cake in the shop while discussing the show.

Since the night was young and Monira had never been to the tavern in the Dwarven District, the friends decided to go there for a drink. After all, they were dressed in their best outfits! The tavern was quite busy, but there was a free table.

The friends bought each other drinks, mostly with alcohol. Monira didn’t want to get intoxicated, so she received some Moonberry juice. The evening was spent discussing the recent adventures of the guild members and getting to know each other better.

July 18, 2021

Wild Midsummer

Imadrillan invited the guild to the Midsummer Fire Festival. Attending the festival had been one of the first celebrations in which the Order of the Lost participated. Shakkuu, Goasse, Grieveris, Ymkje, Hanthelia and Gregoir were happy to meet Imadrillan in Stormwind City. The druid had also invited a new friend, Monira to join the guild at the festival.

There were plenty of people at the festival and the lecherous paladin started a conversation with a night elf walking by. She did not join the guild, though, but Ima’s new friend did! Losties took part in the festival attractions and purchased some fiery drinks. Hanthy danced around the pole, which made her dizzy and she had to sit down. Once the others were ready, the friends flew to Westfall to get away from the big crowd and have some drinks together.

Losties started their own bonfire in Westfall and Goasse shared some of his ale with his friends. The friends danced a little and got to know Monira and her imp better. The conversation was very deep at times. But the fiery festival brew turned out to be quite strong… The ones who had bought it from the festival were soon very drunk and breathing fire!

Luckily the weather was quite nice and warm in Westfall, so at the end of the night, even the drunk paladin deciding to stay and sleep it off in the nearby bush should be fine. Happy midsummer all!

June 20, 2021

Effex Raving Mad

Grieveris invited the guild to Stormwind City to help him out. He had apparently accepted a quest that he was not able to or willing to complete. His friends were happy to support him in his time of need.

Goasse, Ymkje, Elenyah, Imadrillan, Hanthelia and Shakkuu met the demon hunter and received very little information on the actual mission he had failed… But they did learn who to contact, kind of. The person who had sent him on his mission was a void elf lady and soon to be passing them. So the Losties rushed to catch her and on her initiative, talked a bit further away from city folk. They were soon joined by the guild’s newest recruit, GrĂ©goir.

The friends found out that Grievis had been contracted to find a fellow night elf and to bring him to the void elf. Simple enough and he had found the elf, but failed to bring him back. Neither gave a name, but the void elf did give the friends the whereabouts of the person who had apparently been very upset about the burning of Teldrassil, which had driven him into a frezy… Who can blame him! Ima was a little concerned for the motives of the void elf (whose name the friends didn’t even find out!) and Shakkuu thought she was married to the night elf. Losties did find out that the night elf was wearing purple armour, was wielding scythes and located in Revendreth.

And that was clearly enough for the Order of the Lost. They started their search near the Old Gate and soon Hanthy tracked the people nearby. There was one night elf who was killing the beasts of Revendreth and when they approached, they noticed he fit the description. The elf greeted Hanthy by her name, but she didn’t immediately recognize him… The Losties started persuading the night elf to return to Stormwind with them, but he refused. They tried to convince him that they all wanted the same thing, to help people and save the souls of the night elves killed in Teldrassil, but he didn’t listen. He seemed to know the ways of the guild and wanted to do things differently. When he removed his mask, the friends noticed it was Effex! But still, they could not change his mind and had to return to Stormwind City empty-handed.

June 5, 2021

Saving a Mushroom

Order of the Lost joined the annual Glowcap Festival in Zangarmarsh. Shakkuu, Imadrillan, Irrula and Hanthelia gathered together in Sporeggar to join the festival of the sporelings.

Shakkuu was kind enough to bring a cake! His friends were pleased and the gathering also caught the attention of a fellow traveller – Evidian. The warrior approached the group and asked to join them. Losties are always happy to meet new people and quickly, the new friend became a new recruit!

The festival was not all fun and cake, though. The friends also tried to help the sporelings keep their great mushroom, Fshoo, alive. After a few attempts, they were getting more and more successful, but eventually the mushroom always withered.

May 23, 2021

15 years of Losties!

It had been 15 years since the guild was founded by Imadrillan and his friends. A lot had changed since then, even the guild leaders had changed many times! But the community and the spirit of the guild had stayed the same during all these years. Losties are a group of friends who help each other and anyone in need. They have fun and fight great battles – together. 15 years called for a grand celebration and a walk down memory lane…

The celebratory trip started from the Canal Tailor and Fit Shop in Stormwind City. Unfortunately, Hantitia had just stepped out to get some eggs… But Hanthelia shared her memories of the shop all the guildies had visited one time or another. Titi’s first shop had been the Finest Thread on the other side of the canal, but the cataclysm had destroyed it and she had decided to join forces with the Fosters. Today, the shop was doing just fine. Soon, the Losties got on their mounts and headed towards Redridge Mountains.

The guild had been fishing in Lakeshire or near it many times. As the group got onto the pier, they noticed a couple of familiar faces – Neona and Jeriah! The couple was fishing. Funnily enough, that’s how they originally met the guild too and in the same location of all the places! They were invited to join the celebration, but unfortunately the couple had other plans. The excursion continued to Burning Steppes.

Ima, Shakkuu, Hanthy, Goasse, Ymkje, Grieveris, Elenyah, Corellan and Nymethyl made their way into Blackrock Mountain. Imadrillan shared a memory of one of the old guild leaders, Befuzzle. The gnome wanted to establish the Shippish Dominion and believed the secrets to it lay in the depths of the Blackrock Mountain… Ima didn’t fully understand what he was on about, but as a supportive friend, helped him out with his obsession anyway. The whole guild did and they came to spends many hours in Blackrock Depths…

Fuzz had taken the portal to Outland and was never heard from since then. The Losties hoped he had established his empire and was doing well. While inside the mountain, Shakkuu also shared a memory of another old member of the guild, Ulfheonar. He had helped Shakkie acquire one of his favourite hammers. They had fought together for a long time and the hammer symbolized their friendship to Shakkuu.

After the dark mountain, the friends made their way to Ironforge and the home of Goasse and Ymkje. The hosts had prepared a lovely snack for their guests – cake and ale. Nymethyl, Elenyah and Corellan had never been in the house and were exploring it. Nymmy was especially impressed with Ymkje’s book collection. The house was very close to the library, which had been handy during Ymkje’s mage studies.

The friends made a quick stop at the tavern before leaving Ironforge. Goasse wanted to show the others the place where he first met the guild and joined it. Shakkuu had been the guild master at the time and pointed out that he never regretted recruiting Goasse. Sweet words.

After Ironforge, the friends made their way to Thelsamar, Loch Modan. Goasse took the group to see his foster parents’ house. This was the place where Goasse introduced Ymkje to the guild. Losties were saddened by the lack of a lake… The pier was still there, but the lake had shrunk. They hoped the situation would be fixed one day.

Ymkje made a portal for the whole group, so they could travel to the north of Eastern Kingdoms quickly. The friends ended up falling down the Dalaran crater! Unfortunately, some of the friends didn’t have means of slowing their fall… Luckily Shakkuu and Ima were there to heal them.

The next stop was Stratholme. It was an obsession of another guild master, Shakkuu. The Scourge had taken over the town and it was ruled by Baron Rivendare. Shakkuu wanted his horse! And to help the people of the town as well… But also the horse! It took several attempts and eventually the paladin and his friends were victorious.

Lastly, Ymkje made a portal back to Stormwind City. The friends gathered to Lion’s Rest to have some more cake and ale and hear a couple of speeches. The current guild leader, Hanthy gave a speech about the guild and its purpose to its members. Former guild master Shakkuu wanted to remember all the former leaders of the guild and said a few words about them.

The evening ended with a faboulous fireworks show by Grieveris. The citizens and visitors of the great city came to watch. What an excellent ending to a lovely celebration!

Congratulations Losties!

May 12, 2021

Water Lily Fishing

It was time to go fishing again! This time guild leader Hanthelia invited her friends to Ardenweald. She had found a pretty pond to fish from. Goasse, Ymkje, Shakkuu, Imadrillan and Grieveris joined the night elf and positioned themselves on a large water lily or near it.

The friends caught up and the conversation turned to the Shadowlands again. The guildies were still trying to contemplate the meaning of it all and how existing for eons would impact on the people in the Shadowlands. Grievis felt the fairies should not be bothering him with their games! Ima and Shakkie felt that there was something fishy going on… Time will tell.

During the course of the evening, Losties met a couple of new people: Chrystoph and Nymethyl. Hanthy told them about the guild and its upcoming 15th birthday. Nymmy wasn’t interested in fishing, but sat and read a book. When asked about it, she explained it was not that interesting, but there was not much else to read. Hanthy jumped to the chance to give the fellow night elf one of her romance novels and it seemed to be well received.

Grievis had guessed that Nymethyl’s book was dwarven poetry. His friends did not let that pass without an explanation. Apparently, the demon hunter liked dwarven poems! He was kind enough to recite a poem too. Only Shakkuu enjoyed it.

February 21, 2021

Lunarly Love Festival

There was talk of a beast being awoken in Moonglade… Order of the Lost decided to investigate, so the festivities would not be interrupted. Shakkuu, Imadrillan, Irrula, Grieveris and Hanthelia gathered near the lake and went looking for a monster.

It didn’t take long until they found it. It was a mean-looking hound with several heads, but Losties were ready and stood together. Others also joined the great battle and after a while, the hound fell. The celebration of Lunar and Love festivals could go uninterrupted again.

After the victorious battle, the friends felt like some tea and cake. There were two festivals to celebrate, after all. Ima found a nice spot in the forest for Losties to set up camp. Hanthy switched into something more festive while Grievis brewed some tea. The guild leader had also brought some chocolate cake for everyone to share.

The evening was lively. Losties discussed their covenants and the Maw, but soon the conversation turned to their love lives. Hanthy reminisced about her wedding in Moonglade. Also Ima and Shakkuu had been present. Unfortunately, no one had anything more recent to share with their friends. Shakkuu found it tricky to meet new people, since the people in the Shadowlands were dead… We’ll have to wait and see how the situation develops!

February 9, 2021

Fishing in Bastion

Guild leader Hanthelia decided it was time to start fishing in the Shadowlands and invited the Order of the Lost to Bastion. She had found a nice quiet place near some turtles. Goasse, Irrula, Shakkuu, Grieveris and also later Tuulikki joined her.

It was a nice evening of catching up and catching fish. Or well, not that much fish. Losties didn’t have much experience from fishing in the Shadowlands and it showed. Many old fishing poles, earrings and boots were fished up! Naturally, it’s good that the trash was collected from the river, but there could have been more fish for dinner purposes. The friends figured that perhaps the nearby turtles were to blame…

In the end, the Losties got hungry and had to get back to get some dinner!