Fishing in Suramar

Guild leader Hanthelia invited the guild to Suramar. It was time to go fishing! Hanthy had spotted a quiet island off the eastern coast of Suramar. It was quite a struggle to get there, though, as the area by the coast was full of naga camps. But in the end, Vraan, Shakkuu, Grieveris and Gauke were able to fish in peace and catch up on recent events in their lives.


Gauke had been working on a semi-automatic gadget to repair his gear after battle. The little gnome seemed to be quite an enthusiastic engineer! Vraan on the other hand had been helping out a gnome magician with his wolf problem… Hunting a wolf was childsplay for the mage. Hanthy and Grievis had been busy fighting in the Broken shore, dealing with demon invasions.

Fishing in Suramar

During the course of the evening, Shakkuu’s love life was also a topic of conversation. Hanthy asked about his recent date with a common acquintance. The date had not gone as well as Shakkuu would have hoped and he got some tips from his friends. The next step was to organize a recruitment meeting for the date.


Before the friends said their goodbyes, Grievis got to meet Winston, Hanthy’s bear. The two of them got along very well, since Grievis had spent quite a long time as a bear, and he also slipped Winnie some bacon when Hanthy wasn’t looking!

Karazhan cleared!

Order of the Lost had heard about the troubles in the ivory tower of Karazhan, Deadwind Pass. The demons were trying to take over the tower. Losties felt they should help out and fight the Burning Legion in this historically remarkable place.


The battles weren’t easy and at times the Losties had to fall back, but in the end, the demons were chased away. Victory to the Order of the Lost!

Beasts of Un’Goro Crater

Losties had heard several reports of beast sightings in Un’Gogo Crater and thought they should investigate the situation themselves. Grieveris, Shakkuu, Gauke, Vraan, Lilura and Hanthelia met in Marshal’s Stand.

Big Beast

There were indeed several beasts making mayhem in Un’Goro! Losties took part in fierce battles and managed to remain victorious. The beasts were of different varieties – devilsaurs, elementals, insectoids…

Huge Murloc

There was even one enormous murloc!

Shakkuu’s Blind Date

Shakkuu had been set up on a blind date with Hanthelia’s childhood friend, Haruulia. The nervous paladin had arranged a nice table in the Blue Recluse in Stormwind City for him and his date. The might-be couple recognized each other right away based on Hanthy’s descriptions.

Shakkuu and Haruulia

The evening went quite nicely, even though Shakkuu was quite nervous. Haruulia was interested in the human paladin, since her previous boyfriends had been only night elves. She was quite open-minded and forgiving, even when Shakkuu mentioned something about riding her in her animal form… It wasn’t until they ran out of drink that Shakkuu noticed his guild friends hiding by the bar!

Upstairs, Downstairs

Grieveris, Vraan and Gauke had been listening to every word that was said. Shakkuu got all confused when he spotted his friends and forgot to buy some more ale. Luckily, Vraan pretended to be a waitress and brought the couple a pitcher. At the end of the evening, Haru thanked Shakkuu for a good time and hoped to see him again. Not a bad first date, his friends told the doubtful paladin.

Hatching of the Hippogryphs in Feralas

Hanthelia invited the guild to Feralas to witness the hatching of the hippogryphs. Grieveris, Vraan, Gauke and Shakkuu met the guild leader in Feathermoon Stronghold, from where they made their way into the wild.

At the Stronghold

Grievis had already been to the nests and adopted a baby hippogryph. The rest of the Losties wanted to meet the little ones too! Grievis showed them the way. Some of the babies were having a hard time getting out of their eggs, so the friends helped them out and in the process got a little hippogryph attached to them. The babies thought they were their mothers.

The Hatching

After witnessing the hatching, the Losties made their way to a nearby river to feed their little ones. Meat and fish was cooked and fed to the hippogryphs while the friends decided on the names of their new pets. Grievis was the only one not naming his hippogryph, the rest were called Sausage, Hippo, Happy and Tilda. Great names!

Feeding the Babies

The rest of the evening was spent catching up. Vraan showed the others some of her new spells and the love lives of the Losties were discussed. Gauke had spent a nice weekend in Outland with his wife, Nymkje. Hanthy had fixed a blind date for Shakkuu, who seemed very pleased. Let’s see how things develop…

Confrontation in Ashenvale

Unfortunately, Hanthelia had not found Grieveris after the evening in the tavern. After sobering up, Shakkuu had found Stiffie again and she had told him where to find Grievis. The unexpecting demon hunter was on a fishing trip in Ashenvale. Vraan, Gauke and Hanthy joined Shakkuu, mostly to make sure nothing stupid happened…


The friends found Grievis by the river and Shakkuu took no time to confront him. The paladin was still feeling betrayed and seemed quite angry. Grieveris didn’t take Shakkuu’s accusations very well and there were some hasty words exchanged. The others tried to calm down both Shakkuu and Grievis, but the argument was quite heated for a while.

Temperature rising!

After a while, Shakkuu started to believe that Grievis didn’t know about his relationship with Nandy. It had not come across the demon hunter’s mind that Nandyna and Nandy were the same person… Perhaps Shakkuu’s anger came from loneliness, as his relationships didn’t seem to last. Shakku started getting sad. The Losties comforted Shakkuu and he started to feel better.

All is well again

To help his loneliness, his friends tried to think of nice single ladies to bring to Shakkuu’s attention. Perhaps some blind dates will be organized in the near future… The evening ended in a nice big group hug!

Tavern Crawl at the Blue Recluse

Shakkuu was feeling like a night of tavern hopping. Gauke, Vraan, Grieveris and Hanthelia joined him, although they ended up visiting only one tavern, the Blue Recluse. The paladin had even brought his own tankard and asked the bartender to fill it using all the different kinds of alcohol sold in the tavern.

At the Blue Recluse

Vraan was curious to try Shakkuu’s alcohol blend, but the others decided to have only one kind of drink at a time. Grievis left early, but the others were soon joined by an associate of Efex’. First, Shakkuu tried to hit on her… But as soon as Viridiana “Stiffie” Stiffington realized who the group of people were, she delivered a letter to Shakkuu. The drunkard read the letter and became furious. Stiffie explained to the others what the rage was caused by, since Shakkuu wasn’t making any sense. It seemed like Effy had found out the demonic connection of Nandy’s… Grieveris.

Furious Shakkuu

Apparently Nandy and Grievis were an item. His friends were not exactly sure why Shakkuu was so angry, it had been ages since he had dated the warlock. But nevertheless, Shakkuu felt betrayed and decided to find Grievis. Luckily, he was at the point of passing out, so the Losties were not too worried. In any case, Hanthy decided to go and confront Grievis. After all, he had known about Shakkuu’s concerns over Nandy…

Fireworks in Stormwind City

Losties had been wondering how Efex was doing, so they were very pleased to get an invitation to come and see his fireworks show in Stormwind City. Shakkuu, Hanthelia and Vraan came to meet him before the show. Effy had spent his time building things, for example his robotic dog, and getting married.

Meeting in Lion’s Rest

The friends took a moment to catch up before the fireworks show. Hanthy had attended Effy’s wedding, so she knew more about what was going on in his life. Losties told Effy about what they had been up to and how their common friends were doing.

Effy’s Fireworks

Efex had advertised the event, so a small crowd gathered around as they chatted. As per usual, Effy’s fireworks were spectacular! It was good to have him back among the Losties and he even promised to help out with the Nandy issue.

History Lesson in Silithus

Grieveris has been alive a lot longer than his guild mates and was happy to share some of his experiences with them. Now he invited his young friends to Silithus in order to tell them about the War of the Shifting Sands. Vraan, Gauke, Hanthelia and Shakkuu were eager to hear Grievis’ stories.

Meeting in Cenarion Hold, Silithus

The Losties met in Cenarion Hold, Silithus and took a walk around the historically interesting places around the area. The war had started when the old god C’thun had been accidentally awoken by night elves scouting Silithus. C’thun had taken control over the silithids and created a swarm of mayhem. Grievis showed his friends the ruins that were left after the swarm had destroyed the night elf camp.

Historical Walk

The friends felt bad for the brave night elves, who had lost their lives trying to control the swarm. Luckily, they had eventually received help from the Bronze Dragonflight. Dragons were very good at fighting the silithids, as they were able to attack from above and not get in harm’s way. Still, there was one casualty in the Dragonflight as well and the friends saw the huge bones left in the desert.

Ruins in Silithus

Eventually, the war was won and the old god was destroyed. There were still a lot of insects in the area, but they posed no threat to Azeroth at the moment. Even though the topic was quite sad and the surroundings were not very beautiful, the Losties were glad to have heard more about the historical events that Grieveris had taken part in. Especially Gauke and Shakkuu were curious and asked a lot of questions. Thank you to Grievis for the history lesson!

Winter Veil in Winterspring

As is their tradition, Order of the Lost celebrated Winter Veil together in a snowy atmosphere. Hanthelia, Vraan, Shakkuu, Gauke and Grieveris gathered to a little camp site in Winterspring. Since the guild had existed already for 10 years this year, guild leader Hanthy had prepared a speech in which she looked back into the past as well as to the future. She gave recognition to the past guild leaders and to Shakkuu in particular, as he had been a guild leader for the longest time.

10 Years of Order of the Lost

After Hanthy’s speech, also Shakkuu wanted to say a few words to thank the current guild leader for her contribution. Everyone was in a cheery mood! When the speeches were all done, it was time to feast. Shakkuu had brought a good amount of food and ale. Also Gauke shared some ale with his friends and Vraan some wine. There was even dessert in the form of a chocolate cake!

Chocolate Cake!

Traditionally Losties also exchange gifts and this year was no exception. Hanthelia gave all her friends elekk plushie toys, Shakkuu gave the others hoof plates to make their mounts faster and Gauke had acquired his guild mates some buoys to help in underwater missions. The gifts were all well received!


As a final activity for the evening, Hanthy had gotten another clothes chest from her sister and she figured it would be fun to try on some costumes. She was right! Losties got to dress up in amazing outfits prepared by an experienced tailor. It was fun and everyone decided on their favourite outfit.

Clothes Chest

The rest of the evening was spent discussing the friends’ plans for Winter Veil. Those who had family were spending the holiday with them, and those who had none were invited to join their guild mates’ parties. Happy Winter Veil to all!

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